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2006-09-17, 05:24 PM
Naphia, the forlorn Lady
Level: 6
Bind DC: 27

Before the lovely goddess of an ancient world, but her like her great civilization are nothing more than shadows of thier former selves.

Legend: Once in an ancient place before time and form a magnificent world existed. This is where the first gods existed, known as the ancients and where they each were set to create thier own aspects of the universe. Naphia lived here with her lover,a half demon god named Levakross. This was a love more powerful than any other but an ancient evil lord named Kroanos was spiteful and jealous, so he and his minion known only in any ancient text as the Princess of Darkness plotted against the lovers. Kroanos' minion took the guise of Naphia and made love to Kroanos, allowing themselves to be found by Levakross. Levakross' demonic blood boiled in rage and fury. He quickly sought out Naphia, finding her in the deserts between existance and pre-creation where he drew his sword and slew her, piercing his sword strait through her heart. As she bled, the surrounding desert began to form grass, and trees and lush forestry and thick roots began to grow beneath her, not allowing her to fall. But the ancient gods could only be killed by other gods, so Levakross being only half a god only half killed her, sending her soul to where the vestiges reside.

Special requirements: Naphia requires that you draw her seal in a lush forest.

Manifestation: When the binder draws Naphia's seal it begins to glow with an emerald light, until the seal bursts into a green flame about a foot high, then blackened roots start to rise from the fire and a humanoid shape of green fire and silver light appears bound within the roots. The fire and light take the shape of a beautiful woman with her hands over her heart and with glowing emerald eyes until a sword flies over the binders head and pierces her hands to her chest as her face has the look of terror and despair. She then asks the binder what he'd like in a sad nearly silent whisper.

Sign: Your hair turns silver and your eyes turn emerald green.

Influence: When influenced by Naphia you are in a constant state of despair and heartbreak, death always seems the easiest way out of a tough situation even if the thought of it is too horrible to imagine. If in the presence of any demon or half-fiend you are forced to not attack them or go anywhere within 20 feet of them. If they wield a sword of any kind you must flee as far away as you can to hide.

Granted Abilities: Naphia allows you to use her powerful shield and her emerald flames. Aswell as the ability to resist blows and aid others in combat.
Naphia's Shield: As a standard action you can activate a transparent green shield of force around you or your allies. This works just as a globe of invulrability within a dome of force which protects from all outside attacks. Creatures outside can attempt to tear open the dome by inflicting 50 points of slashing damage to it (the dome has hardness 10) or performing a DC 30 Str check. Creatures inside have no means of getting out or moving anywhere but inside the shield. This dome works for as long as the binder concentrates. Once the shield is deactivated it takes another 5 rounds to reactivate it again.
Green Flames: As a standard action, the binder can ignite his hands in brilliant emerald flames. The binders hands are now treated as natural weapons that do 2d6+binder level (max +15) fire damage. These flames can be used as many rounds as half thier binder level but can be reactivated 5 rounds afterward.
Resist to blows: Naphia grants you DR; your binder level/slashing.
Help those you love: All allies within 20 feet of you are inspired by the influence of naphia you possess and are granted a +2 bonus on all attack rolls, damage rolls and initiative checks. You must show Naphia's sign to use this.

2006-09-17, 05:48 PM
Nice, i'll have to think about DC/level, but you forgot to mention what her sign is.....

2006-09-17, 06:03 PM
Binder powers never ever ever have a limit of uses per day, and if one of them I missed does, then it must have a very good reason.

So the flaming fists should work for, say, 1/2 your binder level in rounds, then be unusable for 5 rounds.

I'm gonna throw lv 5 or 6 out there. I wanna say 5, but I don't know how good that shield is.

2006-09-17, 06:32 PM
Nice, i'll have to think about DC/level, but you forgot to mention what her sign is.....

no I didn't, just forgot to bold it, which I did now.