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2009-02-21, 01:48 PM
These following feats aren't necessarily fighter-only, but any other class will have difficulty getting them all before epic (I personally don't use the epic rules).

Greater Critical
Pre: Bab +14, Improved Critical with selected weapon
Benefit: The weapon for which you have improved critical has its critical hit multiplier increased by 1. So 17-20/x2 becomes 17-20/x3 and x3 becomes x4.

Slayer/Sniper (homage to fallout)
Pre: Bab+18, Power Critical, Improved Critical, and Greater Critical with selected weapon, and either Str 19 or Dex 19 (melee or ranged).
Benefit: All critical threats hit automatically, unless the targets ac was not reached. (So if you crit range is 17-20 and you roll 17, you don't need to roll again)

Martial Paragon
Pre: Bab +20, Slayer or Sniper, and either Mighty Rage or Weapon Supremacy
Benefit: Anytime you roll a 20 with the weapon for which you have Slayer or Sniper, roll again, if you hit the second time the target must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 your Bab + your primary attack ability score modifier) or die/be destroyed, regardless of type or protection (includes targets immune to critical hits). NOTE: This is not a critical hit, you must roll a 20 regardless of threat range, and it does not make critical hits function against targets that are immune to them.

I think these feats make fighters a viable option all the way to 20th.

What do you think about them? Would you allow them in your campaigns?

2009-02-21, 03:26 PM
Come on peeps, gimme some feedback

2009-02-21, 03:40 PM
Martial Paragon is a waste of a feat.

First off, it only happens on a natural 20 on an attack roll. In other words, you don;t get to choose when to use it, such as when you really need to use it. Second, the formula you give for it has a likely DC of about 25. Monsters you fight at character level 20 should be yawning at that kind of DC.

In terms of the fun factor, it still doesn't give our fighter anything to do besides "I hit the monster. Again."

2009-02-21, 04:25 PM
Look up something called The Immortals Handbook: Ascension, it is only in PDF form, but

Greater Critical- Prerequsites: B.A.B. +22, Improved Critical, Proficiency with weapon
Benefit: Your critical threat range is trippled, this supersedes and does not stack with the Improved Critical feat. Thus a 20 would become 18-20, a 19 would become 15-20, and a 17-20 will be a 9-20

Divine ability Threatening Critical - Prerequsites: B.A.B. +30, Greater Critical, Improved Critical, Superior Critical
Benefit: Any critical threats are automatically critical hits, there is no need to roll to comfirm the hit.

and for Martial Paragon, well that is like a Vorpal effect, and I am certain there is something in The Imortals Handbook: Ascension dealing with that, but I dont feel like looking through it to find it.

2009-02-21, 04:30 PM
I fail to see how these make *Fighters* a viable option, as the only requirement is +X BAB.

In other words, the Warblade would be taking these and be criting all the time.