View Full Version : I need your opinion on a game debate.

2009-02-22, 04:41 PM
Just a warning: I thought this was quite humorous ... its not a crazy aggressive debate, so reminder... Nobody is wrong.

So I'll give a little background first. There are 5 factions that are guild-like things... plus the 15 countries (5 are the major ones).

My character had a blood oath of vengeance to his brother for killing his whole clan. All that's left is 5 members..including my character. I ended up meeting him and declaring the honor dual, we got our 3 observers and did the dual. I killed him... but he had a spirit/demi-god trapped inside of him... which released and "Killed my character". I won, he cheated. The gods took favor on me and pulled a gandalf. "You're sent back till your task is done".

So I return... but I've lost 98% of my memory... all I remember is the actual fight... my brother the sin he committed...the evil guild/organization that he belonged to (which wears white robes with yellow suns on it... go figure :smallconfused:) , and my choice for observer... which happens to be the DMPC.

I wake up 7-weeks later... with a tattoo of the animal god that sent me back. A member of a different faction (one that's trying to end the world and "start over") attacks me.. I kill him. take his jacket. Meet the adventurers (my original crew)...but due to amnesia.. I have no recollection of them. They summon the DMPC and he explains everything. I believe him because I recognize him. I end up going with my original crew... and we have to get lots of countries to sign this treaty... we got 12/15 and we're on the last major country. The Kage (king) tells us to get out of the country and we tell him no we must do this ...He reveals he's not only part of the Faction my brother is in... but is the leader of that faction.

now here's to where we debate.
My buddy has placed a spell that forces no one in the room to be able to move. (none of the enemies). I see two options...
1) let him go... he'll continue his wave of evil and won't honor the signature my buddies have foolishly tried to force him to sign on the treaty.... This I know is not an option.
2) Cu-det-grat. I'll kill him. kill the other girl who was there from the guild.. kill the two guards... use my Jacket from other faction to frame a guard and take guard clothes. enter into the country and be elected as new leader.

We debated whether this was or wasn't a good action and whether anyone would see. With 7 members currently there... 1 leader (family member) myself, two other players, another npc, and then a player with an NPC Lt which will follow whatever he says.

Now I got both me and another PC and 2 npc's with me...that's 4. The player and his Lt decide to vote no don't kill him. and then one player is undecided (mainly cause it looks like his father).

I tell him i have no time for this and kill the leader and the other 3 guards. Frame one of them and then when other people get there (there had been an explosion earlier.)

Was the action the right action? even though if the bluff fails ... the country might declare war against my country, the evil man is dead. I did lose a Mithril axe though.. but since it was a gift and I'm a hand-to-hand fighter... it didn't really matter