View Full Version : Artificer Question [3.5]

2009-02-22, 06:38 PM
was just infromed by a DM of mine that the campagin he was going to run has a high chance of hitting epic. Multiclassing base classes is a mugs game in this regard unless you hit a single 10 level prc that can advance epically.

which brings me to a question, are there any PRC's out there that have craft reserve?


2009-02-22, 10:12 PM
The only PrC I know of that has anything remotely similar is the Fleshwarper from Lords of Madness. But that's a graft reserve, not a craft reserve. Used specifically for grafts, not making items.

Irreverent Fool
2009-02-22, 10:36 PM
Most classes don't have an epic advancement. I believe the base rules encourage players and DMs to work together to create epic advancement for their class. You're better off finding a PrC you like and working from there. I believe the handbook has some examples and guidelines to get you started.