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2006-09-14, 06:35 PM
The idea is that these guys irked their dark bosses something fierce, so they got striped of their "Impy-goodness" and kicked from the abyss. they've lost their spell like abilities, part of their fly speed, and even their sting!

Their small, but wirey, and have to survive by their instinct since they have a bit of a negative reputation. They tend to talk their way out of trouble more than anything, given their past experience as that vile voice planting ideas in your head.

In battle they prefer to hide in the shadows while the bigger stronger party members knock each other around for a while, than attacking from behind, as such they tend to make good rogues.

+4dex, +2wis, -4str, -2cha

Tiny: As a Tiny creature, a Banished imp gains a +2 size bonus to Armor Class, a +2 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +8 size bonus on hide checks, but he uses smaller weapons than humans use.

Banished imp base land speed is 20 feet. They also possess a fly speed of 40 perfect

Dark vision: A Banished imp can see out to sixty feet in total darkness.

+2 racial bonus on listen, search, and spot checks.

+4 racial bonus on diplomacy checks.

Monstrous humanoid (baza'atu).

Automatic Languages: Common, infernal, celestial and draconic. Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages).

Favored Class: Rogue.

Thoughts, feelings, an amusing limeric perhaps?

2006-09-14, 07:44 PM
looks okish,but not very well written out. Devils blood shopuld be baza'atu subtype, and they need a CR and an LA.

Also, fluff=good

2006-09-14, 08:17 PM
What would you reccomend for a LA?

2006-09-15, 02:16 AM
+1 LA just for the fact that it's Tiny. Also - might want to reduce STR more. That's one tough tiny creature.

2006-09-15, 02:31 AM
See now, Iím of the school of thought that size modifiers balance themselves out.

2006-09-15, 08:04 AM
See now, Iím of the school of thought that size modifiers balance themselves out.

Yeah, mostly they do. But for rogues... To hit and AC bonuses are nice, they have no reason to care about making less damage (most comes from sneak attack) and the +hide bonuses are just awesome (+8!!). The balancing thing is that they do not threat and must move to opponent's square to attack. Thus, they can not flank.
So yeah, I would say that most of the time the size bonuses balance themselves (unless he uses reach weapon or ranged in which case it is just TOO good).

Really, tiny outsider (reduce person does not affect) is not that much worse than small humanoid (reduce person does affect)..

What IS worth LA is the outsider type. Spellcasters get just awful stuff with alter self etc. if they can be outsiders.

So it is worth +1 LA if you play:
rogue (with reach weapon or throwing)
Archer (well, propably fighter or ranger)

and thus I would give it +1 LA