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Yuki Akuma
2006-09-14, 11:27 AM
Add Spell [Metamagic]
You can add a spell to another, causing them both to take effect on a target at the same time.
Prerequisite: Quicken Spell, any other metamagic feat
Benefit: This metamagic feat can be applied to any targetted spell with a range of greater than touch. When adding this feat, choose another spell that you know with a range of touch or higher. When cast, the target of this spell is affected by both the primary and secondary spells, although the target gains a +2 bonus on saves against the secondary spell. Both spells use the range and number of targets of the primary spell, even if the secondary spell has a shorter range or fewer targets. If the secondary spell cannot target a specific creature type, the secondary effect will not take effect if used on that creature type, even if the primary spell can affect it.
For spellcasters who prepare spells, the primary and secondary spells are determined when the spell is prepared.
An Added spell takes up a spell slot equal to the combined levels of both the primary and secondary spells plus one.

Stow Spell [Metamagic]
You can channel a spell into a weapon, to take effect on the first thing the weapon strikes.
Prerequisite: Quicken Spell, any two other metamagic feats.
Benefit: This feat can be applied to any spell with a range greater than touch. When cast, the spell is stored within any melee or throwing weapon or ammunition the spellcaster is holding at the time, and takes effect on the first target struck by the weapon. The target recieves a -3 penalty to any saves against the spell. Only the creature struck of affected by the spell, even if the spell usually has an area of effect.
Missing with a melee weapon does not discharge the spell. However, missing with a ranged weapon wastes the spell. The spell cannot be channeled through a projectile weapon, and must be chanelled through its ammunition instead.
A Stowed spell takes up a spell slot two higher than normal.

2006-09-14, 02:19 PM
Stow looks interesting; I'll have to think about how it could be abused or broken, but on first glance it seems fair enough. For Add spell, I'm not sure whether allowing an Enfeebling Fireball as a level 6 spell is really appropriate. I really, really don't think that a Burning Disintegration is appropriate for 9th either. Interesting yes, balanced... not entirely ;)
Consider the damage dealt by a hybrid of fireball and scorching ray - in one direction, you get a number of fireballs per the scorching ray progression, and in the other you get a fireball which scorches anything in its area, hard. It also seems confusing when it gets to rolling to-hits; do the Rays need to hit for the fireball secondaries to go off, and/or do the rays within the fireball's scope have to make hit rolls (and how much flexibility does the caster have in determining which get affected, or are all in the area targeted with 2+ rays?

If you were to stipulate that both spells must be the same target type (1 creature, selected creatures, area effect or personal) I'd acknowledge that range isn't what breaks it so much as turning single-target death or stat effects into AE's.
Bear in mind, as written it's a level 4 spell to hit 5 creatures with 1d4+1 damage and do 1d6+5 strength damage to each. (or to do 5d4 damage plus 1d6+5 strength damage to anything in a Burning Hands cone)

Like I say, it's very interesting - but I do think it needs some work so the DM doesn't have to constantly be telling the players "No, those two can't be mixed, because I said so."

Edit - another thought, for touch vs AE spells - if the AE allows a save, perhaps that save allows normal effect on the primary and automatically avoids the touch attack secondary? (as it does with secondary effects in most cases, i.e. deafness on sonics, etc) That'd go a long way toward levelling things. That way coupling a weak AE with a dangerous touch attack is less likely to overbalance anything.

2006-09-14, 08:46 PM
The two glaring things I see are:

One, the stowed spells need to dissipate after a duration, otherwise.......I think you can see what would happen.

And two, don't they already have smiting spell?

2006-09-14, 10:58 PM
Add Spell +Magic Missile, make any ray hit five times with no miss chance, all for only +2 spell level.