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2009-02-24, 05:42 AM
I patterned my 4e wizard on the Manga EYESHIELD 21's Hiruma Yoichi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiruma_Yoichi). No, he's not an actual football quarterback. Hiruma Yoichi, whose name is a wordplay to what translates as "the devil in broad daylight"(I named my wizard Galador, elfish for daylight) is tagged as Akuma no Sekizo (the stone demon); he uses his three wide recievers and two running backs to open up his own options, hampering his opponents decision making skills and dispersing their resources.

My character is actually a run of the mill orb wizard, but I went ahead and selected illusion spells from Dragon 366. The idea is I hamper opponents and provide options for my party.

Anyway, enough about that.

I am choosing my paragon path. Bloodmage offers the best dpr. Divine Oracle grants my immunity to surprise and better chances of getting the heads up on the baddies. Lastly, Planeshifter(from MtoP), lets me gate out of a bad situation at the cost of three healing surges.

I asked the other party members which of the pp's would they like best and they had no opinion save for the fighter, who was the only other person who reads ES21. He said, what would Hiruma do?

I said, definitely he will want Planeshifter, Hiruma will want that escape plan available, using it to taunt his opponents to overextend. the same way old MtG Freeze decks always have two islands untapped to make opponents think that they have a counterspell on their hand.

He said I was wrong, Hiruma would choose Blood Mage(screaming "CRUSH THEM" no less), because Blood Pulse is the epitome of field control.

So, I am not asking which is the most optimal, I am asking "If Hiruma Yoichi was a wizard, which paragon Path would he take?"

2009-02-24, 05:53 AM
Yoichi strikes me as the Blood Mage kinda guy.