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2006-09-14, 12:02 AM
Okay so i picked up the Forgotten Realms setting and liked it, but i wanted to do an epic scale war, I wanted the players to be the resistance on a huge scale (spanning the majority of Faerun in most likelyhood) but i wanted to know what you guys think if the plot

Set 1,000+ years after the time in the setting book Faerun is at war, a force driven with Ork and Goblin infantry and Drow Wizards and Sorcerers has swept the land and the last city for them to take is Suzail. The adventurers are among the refugees that made it to Cormyr, "The Last Free Land" and during recruitment for the defence of the city are picked to be essentially a commando squad (there are 12-13 players) to breach the line, (they start at level 4, so they are stronger than the commoners etc but still expendable) Anyway the party moves to the cormyr border and try to recapture each town on the way to the capital and cut off reinforcements.

Obviously they fight all the way back to suzail ad as they see the city border on the horizon they see that the city has been taken. The War is lost, but there is still hope they get teleported under the city and informed of the resistance, how if the resistance can be united blah blah blah i know the plot is stolen from something but god knows what

Anyway (this is really what i want peoples opinions of) It is is the Iskari (spelling) the ancient human-esque civilization trying to recapture their empire and more, they made lolth talk again (i took that idea from the Underdark book published while that 'Lolth is not talking' book arc was in the middle so im writing my own ending :)) and as such the Drow have agreed to aid them for fear of losing their abilities again.

so what do you guys think, seriously rip it apart if you want im trying to get the story as well constructed as possible without having anything concrete (I.E. there are ways to save the city but if they get there they will have to retreat to the underground instead of being teleported)

2006-09-14, 12:05 AM
faerun is all and good, but if you want the feel of an epic war eberron has that written all over it..