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2009-02-24, 11:25 PM
Well after a little more then a year in development and testing and with the help of the people on this forum I present to you The Mystery Men RPG.
You guys have helped me fill out the last 10 powers and get rid of ones that didn't play test well or I just didn't like. This is version 1.3 and I would love to hear what you think. PM me.

Quick Synopsis:
Based loosely off the comic books and the Ben Stiller movie it places the players in the costumes of a group of front line, working class, hardly super heroes. It is a funny and laid back RPG with simple d6 rules. The only thing you need is a GM with a good sense of humor and yourselves.

Mystery Men RPG.zip - 0.05MB (http://www.zshare.net/download/56137616cc8edfda/)

2009-02-25, 12:24 AM
I read through the powers, but they seem very vague to what they actually do.

2009-02-25, 09:44 AM
I purposely left them a little vague. The game assumes a close GM player relationship and a willingness to throw out rules in favor of fun. I made the rules with an eye towards allowing people to interpret what they think the powers are truly capable of.

If you want any clarification on a power you are welcome to post the power here and I will help you out with it.

2009-02-25, 09:36 PM
A while a go I found this: /http://www.geocities.com/have_a_go_heroes2004/

Its also based on mystery men

2009-02-26, 10:37 PM
Not as good as mine.