View Full Version : [Star Wars] -of Guardians and the Force

2009-02-25, 04:57 AM
Being a biased party on the matter, I cannot seem to see the matter clearly. What do the lot of you think of the balance of a house-ruled Guardian variant that replaces all force feats with soldier ones?

2009-02-25, 05:13 AM
Better clarify edition here... in Saga there's a Guardian talent tree, but it's been eliminated as a separate class. I'm assuming you mean d20r?

2009-02-26, 02:19 AM
I do not have the book before me at the moment, but it's the version where Guardian is a class. The idea was that one of the players wanted to play a jedi sabre sparring droid gone horribly wrong. Since the fore feats would be wasted, I suggested that they swap all of them for soldier feats for better swording ability.