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2006-09-13, 03:28 PM
Ok, here's my stab at a PrC. Generally IMC PrCs are very organizational-based, rare, and powerful.

Children of the Arc

Long ago when the world was still young, magic was only in the hands of the dragons. Blessed by the gods themselves, the dragons were the all-powerful denizens of the land.

One such dragon known as Kazarack thought to make himself more powerful than his kin, and recruited followers among the lesser races; elves, dwarves, and even the pitiful humans. Among his followers he picked out the most intelligent, and gifted to them the dread power known as arcane magic.

The other dragons were soon under attack from an army of spellcasters lead by their patron Kazarack. The dragons united and after a long a brutal war Kazarack was slain and his followers routed.

The leader of the victorious dragons was furious that Kazarack had shared the gift of arcane magic. He witnessed many of wizards that and survived the battle turning into tyrants, seizing kingdoms and destroying armies that had never even seen magic before.

Knowing that one day these wizards might gain enough power to threaten the dragon's supremacy, he took the form of a human, and for the next few years he gathered loyal friends around him. After a time he revealed to his small group his true nature, and took them to the Arc, the source of all arcane magic in the world.

At the Arc he made his friends swear oaths to keep the Arc a secret, to never use arcane magic for evil, and to hunt down those arcane-users who did.

Hit Die: d4


Alignment: Any non-evil.

Ability to cast 3rd level Arcane Spells.

Skills: Spellcraft 8 ranks, Knowledge (arcana) 8 ranks, Knowledge (History) 6 ranks.

Feat: Iron Will, Skill Focus (Spellcraft).

Class Skills: As Wizard.

Skill Points Each Level: 2 + Int modifier.

BAB: As Wizard.

Fort: Poor
Ref: Poor
Will: Good

Special Abilities:
1st level
+1 spellcasting level as previous class
Detect Arcane Magic(sp): As Detect Evil, but only effects arcane spell casters. Creatures that have spell-like abilities that are not derived from class levels are not effected. This is useable at will.
Improved Iron Will(ex): +2 to will saves, stacks with Iron Will. In addition, a Child of the Arc is completely immune to any effects that would allow another to discern knowledge about the Arc. This includes any mind-reading spells, divinations, or any other magical or mundane methods.
2nd level
Aura of Spell Suppression(sp): A Child of the Arc constantly emits an aura that extends 30 feet in all directions. Anyone attempting to cast an arcane spell inside of the aura must make a concentration check DC 10 + level of Spell + CotA's class level + CotA's Int modifier. Failure means the spell is suppressed (the caster loses the spell slot but it has no effect). A CotA feels when a spell is suppressed by the aura, and knows both who the caster was and who/what the target was. In addition, the CotA can make an immediate Spellcraft check as if the spell had actually been cast to determine the exact spell. A CotA is immune to the effects of the aura, and can deactivate/reactivate their aura as a free action.
3rd level
+1 spellcasting level as previous class
Suppress Caster(sp): As a full-round action, a CotA can attempt to suppress all arcane spell-casting by an individual. The target must be within 30 feet and is allowed a Will save DC 10 + CotA class level + Int mod. On a failed save the target is suppressed and cannot cast any arcane spells nor activate any spell completion magic items using his arcane class levels. The suppression lasts 1 round per level of the CotA's class levels and cannot be dispelled.
5th level
+1 spellcasting level as previous class
Aura of Spell Suppression: Extends to 60 feet. In addition, the CotA can "siphon" any spell slot that was suppressed. Instead of the caster losing the spell, it is absorbed by the CotA. A siphoned spell can be used to restore a slot two levels lower than the original spell. For example: If a CotA's aura suppresses a Fireball, the CotA can siphon the fireball and replenish a first level spell slot of his own (since Fireball is a 3rd level spell). If the CotA isn't missing any spell slots of his own he can siphon 1 extra spell slot no higher than 5th level. If this extra spell is not used within an hour it fades away.

Ok, so I am not sure if this is way too powerful, but the purpose is an arcane caster that hunts down and defeats other arcane casters. If you think one of the abilities is far too powerful recomend something else please.