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The Demented One
2009-02-26, 08:31 AM
Alchemical Exalted

While they may be born of iron and stone, the warforged are endowed with lives, souls, hopes...and for some, even an epic destiny (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/drfe/20080428). Upon ascending to the ranks of epic heroes, some warforged experience what they call the True Birth. They seem to vanish, as if teleported away, but they return in an instant. However, the instant that they are gone seems an eternity to them, as they are transformed and rebuilt by some numinous power, an entity they call the Great Maker. Some believe the Maker is a deity, perhaps Onatar or the Traveler, while others believe it is an incarnation of the potential for evolution inherent in all warforged. Whatever the case may be, the power he bestows upon his chosen is undeniable. Just as normal warforged might be born of mithril or adamant, there are five metals of which these Alchemical Exalted are born. Those forged of orichalcum are unconquerable warriors; those of living moonsilver are shapeshifting spies and infiltrators; those wrought of jade are master artisans and smiths; those of celestial starmetal are masters of magic’s secrets; and those born of dread soulsteel are horrific executioners and torturers.

The Demented One
2009-02-26, 08:32 AM
Orichalcum Caste Exalted


The Archons of the Orichalcum Caste underwent their True Birth in a vision of light and flame, a sea of sunfire that burned away all that was impure and flawed in their bodies, leaving behind only pure orichalcum, a golden metal that is unrivaled by any other. The warforged of the Orichalcum Caste are peerless warriors. Their composite plating is a shining red-gold, a brilliance that cannot be hidden. They are armed with the knowledge of thousands of past heroes, defenses that can shatter blades in an instant, and weapons imbued with the power of orichalcum itself.

Requirements: 21st level, construct type

21st|Orichalcum Body, Imprinted Database Cluster
24th|Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus
27th|The Maker’s Advanced Defense Array
30th|Orichalcum Synthesis Wave Emitter

Orichalcum Body (Ex)
As you are exalted to the gleaming might of orichalcum, your composite plating is transformed into the king of metals (if you do not have composite plating, then you gain it nonetheless. It functions just like the composite plating of a warforged). This new composite plating retains any magic enhancements your old plating had. Orichalcum plating grants you a +15 armor bonus to AC and damage reduction 5/–. The damage reduction increases by 5 at 24th, 27th, and 30th levels, to a maximum of 20/–. You are considered to be wearing heavy armor, and your base land speed is reduced to 20 ft. You have a +3 maximum Dexterity bonus to AC, a -3 penalty on all skills armor check penalties apply to, and an arcane spell failure chance of 30%.

Imprinted Database Cluster (Ex)
You are blessed with a gift from the Great Maker, a repository of the skills of warriors who have gone before you. The imprinted database cluster is an ornate matrix of Siberys dragonshards, implanted in the Exalt’s brow. Each day, you may access the knowledge of the cluster. You may gain any one feat of your choice as a bonus feat, as long as you meet its prerequisites. You choose a number of skills equal to your Intelligence modifier, minimum one, and are treated as having maximum ranks in those skills (although cross-class skills remain capped at half your normal maximum). You may also choose any one martial discipline, and choose a single stance and up to four maneuvers from it. Your initiator level is considered to be equal to your character level for selecting these maneuvers (but not for any others), and you may ignore the maneuvers’ prerequisites. These maneuvers are all considered to be readied, and do not count towards your maximum maneuvers readied if you have levels in a martial class. You may recover them as normal if you have levels in a martial class; if not, you may take a full round action to recover a single one. Each day, you may choose to change your options, or to keep the same choices.

Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus (Su)
No force in the world restrains the might of the Orichalcum Caste. At 24th level, gleaming Siberys dragonshards extrude from your legs, glowing with a golden aura. This personal gravity manipulation apparatus distorts gravity around you to your advantage, granting you several benefits. You are always treated as if you were on a plane with the subjective gravity trait, allowing you to choose which direction is treated as “down” for you as you please. You gain a fly speed of 60 ft., with good maneuverability, and a +30 ft. enhancement bonus to your base land speed. In addition, whenever you charge, the gravitational distortion allows you to both move faster and strike harder, causing your attack at the end to deal an additional amount of damage equal to twice your character level.

The Maker’s Advanced Defense Array (Su)
At 27th level, your body evolves living defenses, symbiotic constructs that defend you against all attacks. You can, as a swift action, extrude countless small, animated blades that whirl about you in a defense barrier. Any attack, melee or ranged, against you made with a non-magical manufactured weapon automatically fails to hit, and the blades destroy the weapon. Melee attacks made with magic weapons or natural weapons are not automatically repelled, but they allow you to make a counterattack with your defense array, regardless of whether the attack hit or not. The creature that attacked you must make a Reflex save, DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Constitution modifier, or else both it and the weapon it attacked with take damage equal to your character level. It must make a save for every time it attacks you. In addition, you gain a 50% miss chance against ranged attacks made with magical weapons. You may dismiss or resume this ability as a swift action.

Orichalcum Synthesis Wave Emitter (Su)
No weapons less than those forged of the metal divine would serve the Archons truly. At 30th level, the plates of your chest draw back to reveal a burning inner flame with you, the ever-blazing power of raw magic that surges forth and infuses any weapon you take up with the might of orichalcum. Any weapon you wield deal damage as if it were sized for a Colossal-sized creature, has its critical threat range doubled (this does not stack with other effects that increase critical threat range), and has its critical threat multiplier increased by one. In addition, any attack you make ignores damage reduction, except for epic damage reduction and damage reduction that no form of damage overcomes. Creatures that have regeneration are damaged normally by your attacks.

Immortality: God-Forged Champion of War
You are a hero revered among all warforged, and many Cannith artificers would sell their souls to learn the secrets of your orichalcum construction. You attract a cult of personality, its members slavishly serving you in exchange for your blessing, grafts of orichalcum taken from your own frame. In time, your physical body dwindles away to nothing, even orichalcum falling before the advance of time, but your legion of orichalcum-imbued followers will never forget your name. After your death, your spirit becomes a deific force, empowered by the worship of your cult.

The Demented One
2009-02-26, 08:34 AM
Moonsilver Caste Exalted


The Proteans of the Moonsilver Caste underwent their True Birth in a vision of formless, shifting chaos. Within the sea of chaos, their own body lost is shape, dissipating them and leaving them but a spirit. Suddenly, in a flash of brilliant light, the entire sea of chaos came upon them, coiling around their spirit and coalescing into a new body of moonsilver. The warforged of the Moonsilver Caste are unmatched spies, assassins, and infiltrators. Their composite plating is formed of liquid moonsilver, its solid form imposed by their will alone. They can form weapons from their own body, plan out entire battles in the blink of an eye, and deal out strikes all but sure to cut at a foe’s lifeblood.

Requirements: 21st level, construct type

21st|Moonsilver Body, Transcendent Multimodal Weapon Matrix
24th|Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier
27th|Anticipatory Simulation Processor
30th|Transmodal Rapid Targeting Systems

Moonsilver Body (Ex)
As you are exalted to the shifting formless of moonsilver, your composite plating becomes as true silver (if you do not have composite plating, then you gain it nonetheless. It functions just like the composite plating of a warforged). This new composite plating retains any magic enhancements your old plating had. Moonsilver plating grants you a +10 armor bonus to AC. You are not considered to be wearing armor, have no maximum Dexterity bonus to AC, and suffer no armor check penalties or arcane spell failure chance. Moonsilver, fluid and evershifting, allows you an unparalleled range of motion, granting you a +10 bonus on all Balance, Climb, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, Swim, and Tumble checks. The bonus increases to +20 at 24th level, +30 at 27th level, and +40 at 30th level.

Transcendent Multimodal Weapon Matrix (Ex)
Those kissed by moonsilver’s grace need no weapons, for they can shape them forth of their own steel. As a swift action, you may transform one of your arms into any one-handed or light weapon you are proficient with, which functions much like attached weapon components, such as an armblade. The weapon is considered a light weapon whenever it is advantageous to do so (allowing you to dual wield with much greater ease), and can have the benefits of the Weapon Finesse feat applied to it regardless of whether it normally could benefit from that feat. Ranged weapons created with this ability generate their own ammunition and load themselves as a free action. You may only have a maximum of two weapons shaped with this ability, even if you somehow gain multiple limbs. Any weapons shaped with this ability gain an enhancement bonus equal to one-quarter your character level. In addition, you may choose a single special quality with a +1 bonus that all weapons you shape gain. At 24th level, you may choose an additional special quality with a +2 bonus; at 27th level, a special quality with a +3 bonus; and at 30th level, a special quality with a +4 bonus. All weapons you shape gain the benefits of all your chosen special qualities.

Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier (Ex)
As an Alchemical Exalted, you are a greater artifact in and of yourself, and can subordinate lesser magic items to your form. As a standard action, you may touch any magic item you hold or carry and absorb it into your body. As a swift action, you may recall any number of items you have stored in your body–items that are worn reappear on your body, items that are held either appear in your hands or fall to your feet. If you are already wearing an item in the slot that an item you return belongs to, then it is absorbed into you. You gain the benefits of any worn items that are stored within you, although you may not gain the benefits of multiple stored items that have the same body slot (however, you can gain the benefits of a stored item and a worn item that share the same body slot–thus, you could gain the benefits of both a amulet of natural armor and a periapt of wisdom. You may activate any item stored in your body, such as a wand or scroll, as if you held it. You may consume potions stored inside your body as an immediate action. The maximum number of items you may have stored within your body is equal to your Constitution modifier.

Anticipatory Simulation Processor (Ex)
Planning and tactics are watchwords for the ever-subtle Proteans, and this gift of the Great Maker makes their strategy entirely beyond that of mere mortals. The anticipatory simulation processor is a pulsing orb of moonsilver embedded in the Exalt’s brow, with mithral coils spreading out from it throughout their entire body. By using the anticipatory simulation processor, you can plan out the results of a battle beforehand. Once per encounter, you may use the processor as an immediate action. When you do, immediately note the status and position of all combatants. Afterwards, the encounters as normal–except that the actual rounds played out are only simulations run by you. Note all actions taken during the simulation, and the results of all die rolls. You can simulate combat for a number of rounds equal to your Intelligence modifier, minimum one round, after which all things are reset to the way they were when you first used this ability, as if the simulation had never happened. You may choose to end the simulation at any time before then as a swift action. In subsequent rounds, your allies and enemies must take the same actions they took in the simulation. Instead of rolling dice, they simply use the results of the rolls they made in the simulation. You may act as you did in the simulation, in which case you use your prior dice rolls, or you may choose to act differently, breaking away from the simulation. Once you do, your simulation ceases to apply, and all allies and enemies may act freely, without repeating their simulated actions. If you come to the end of the simulated rounds without breaking from what occurred in the simulation, then the rest of the battle carries out normally.

Transmodal Rapid Targeting Systems (Su)
The unmatched reflexes and inhuman celerity of the Moonsilver Caste allows them to make every strike as sure as it is lethal. Your moonsilver frame extrudes Eberron dragonshards that form intricate patterns running along your arms, spine, and brow, a dweomer that seeks out the weaknesses of your foes. Every attack you make, melee or ranged, is considered a touch attack, and you may add your Dexterity modifier to all melee damage rolls you make. Whenever an attack you make threatens a critical hit, you automatically confirm it. Attacks you make ignore miss chances from concealment and (for ranged attacks) distance penalties.

Immortality: Ghost in the Machine
Driven by ambition, science, or mere curiosity, you test the limits of your shape, seeing how far your moonsilver form can adapt. You abandon the crude structure of a body for the elegance of nanoscopic drones, born of your own moonsilver body and each inhabited by your mind. These drones seek out other warforged and fuse with them, allowing your presence to enter into their minds, whispering in darkness or outright possessing their bodies. You become a veritable ghost in the machine, with thousands of warforged imbued with your essence.

The Demented One
2009-02-26, 08:35 AM
Jade Caste Exalted


The Executives of the Jade Caste underwent their True Birth in a vision of glorious, mechanical order. They saw the four elements being shaped and commanded, forms imposed upon them by the Great Maker. The Maker soon turned his Eye upon them and, with exacting surety, bound the forces of the elements into their body, hammering the raw elemental forces until they coalesced into an armor of jade. The warforged of the Jade Caste are craftsmen and artificers beyond all mortal imagining. Their composite plading is embedded with luminescent jade, each shard of jade infused with raw elemental essence. They can craft powerful magic items in but a day, cast new forms onto items, and forge a perfect order from their allies.

Requirements: 21st level, construct type

21st|Jade Body, The Maker’s Instantaneous Forge
24th|Auspicious Reformatting Mudra
27th|Essence Shield Projector
30th|Optimized Component Integration Protocol

Jade Body (Ex)
As you are exalted to the four elements, your composite plating is infused with elementally aligned jade (if you do not have composite plating, then you gain it nonetheless. It functions just like the composite plating of a warforged). This new composite plating retains any magic enhancements your old plating had. Jade plating grants you a +10 armor bonus to AC. You are considered to be wearing medium armor, and your base land speed is reduced to 20 ft. You have a +5 maximum Dexterity bonus to AC, a -2 penalty on all skills armor check penalties apply to, and an arcane spell failure chance of 15%. In addition, the elemental essence infused within your armor grants you resistance 10 to acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic. This resistance increases to 20 at 24th level and to 30 at 27th level. At 30th level, you become immune to all five energy types.

The Maker’s Instantaneous Forge (Su)
The artificers of the Jade Caste can shape magic into any form they see fit. You are treated as having all non-epic item creation feats you meet the prerequisites for. If you already have a non-epic item creation feat, then you reduce the gp and xp costs to craft items of that type by 50%, and you need only eight hours to craft them. These price and duration reductions do not stack with any other similar abilities. In addition, you automatically succeed on all Use Magic Device checks made to activate or create items that you already have the item creation feat for. In addition, at 30th level, you gain the ability to craft lesser artifacts. You do so as if they were normal magical items, although no effect or ability can reduce the gp or xp price to create it, or the crafting time. Lesser artifacts are treated as having a market price of 50,000 gp times the artifact’s caster level for purposes of crafting it, although they are almost never sold.

Auspicious Reformatting Mudra (Su)
Shape and form are playthings of the the Jade Caste’s artifice. As a standard action, you may touch a magic item to transform it into any other magic item, as long as the new item’s xp creation cost does not exceed that of the original. If the xp cost of the new item is less than that of the original, then the difference in xp is added to your craft reserve, if you have one. Items you wield or unattended items can be transformed effortlessly, but items held or attended by another character require you to make a touch attack against their wielder to transform. In addition, they make make a Will save, DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Intelligence modifier. You may treat non-living constructs as valid targets for this ability–you can transform them into magic items with it, and you can transform magic items into constructs. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to half your Intelligence modifier.

Essence Shield Projector (Su)
The aegis of the Great Creator keeps his favored children from harm. A crystal lattice forms over your body, projecting a shield of pure force over it. You gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to your Intelligence modifier. In addition, you gain immunity to force damage, as the barrier deflects even magical force.

Optimized Component Integration Protocol (Su)
Just as an engineer must gather perfect parts to build a perfect machine, a Jade Caste artificer must gather the perfect souls to unite in perfect order. As a standard action, you may create a mystic bond between yourself and up to eight other allies within 60 ft. of you. You and all other members of the bond gain the benefits of a constant status effect on all other members, and all bond members can communicate telepathically with each other at any range, even across planes. Bond members may choose to use the highest base attack bonus, base saving throw modifier, or base skill ranks of any other member of the bond when making checks, although they use their own ability modifiers. In addition, whenever you cast an infusion on an item possessed by a bond member, you may also choose to have it apply it to items possessed by other bond members, even if they are outside the normal range of the infusion. For each additional target, you must expend an additional infusion of the same level, although you do not need to cast it again or pay additional material components or XP costs.

Immortality: Crucible of the Great Maker
Already enhanced by the Great Maker's grace, you now undergo a further evolution, abandoning all traces of humanity. Your body grows into a vast creation forge, allowing you to give birth to a new generation of warforged. Your mind resides within the forge, as an animating spirit overseeing the creation of each new 'forged. In time, your children may come to revere you as a god, or perhaps an avatar of the Great Maker.

The Demented One
2009-02-26, 08:36 AM
Starmetal Caste Exalted


The Plot Weavers of the Starmetal Caste underwent their True Birth in a vision of a dark, infinite void, filled with stars. Each star extended a single strand of gleaming light, forming an intricate web that surrounded them. With the sound of a thousand cogs turning, countless construct spiders came from the web to rebuild them, replacing earthly iron with celestial starmetal. The warforged of the Starmetal Caste are supremely powerful mages and artificers. Their composite plating seems no different than mortal iron, but the rainbow sheen it reflects in certain lights betrays it for starmetal. They can disrupt the fortune of their foes, defy mental manipulations with their stern will, and cast magic almost effortlessly.

Requirements: 21st level, construct type

21st|Starmetal Body, Probability Degradation Matrix
24th|God-Machine Weaving Engine
27th|Empathy Simulation Engine
30th|Synaptic Acceleration Node

Starmetal Body (Ex)
As you are exalted to the fateful promise of starmetal, your composite plating becomes blessed by fate (if you do not have composite plating, then you gain it nonetheless. It functions just like the composite plating of a warforged). This new composite plating retains any magic enhancements your old plating had. Starmetal plating grants you a +5 armor bonus to AC. You are not considered to be wearing armor, have no maximum Dexterity bonus to AC, and suffer no armor check penalties or arcane spell failure chance. The destiny-shaping power of starmetal shields you from harm, granting you a +4 luck bonus to AC, and on all saving throws. The luck bonus increases by +2 at 24th, 27th, and 30th levels.

Probability Degradation Matrix (Su)
Plot Weavers bend fate to their will, denying their enemies even good fortune. An intricate matrix of starmetal threads forms within your chest, a loom tended by minute, spider-like constructs called Pattern Spiders. Whenever an enemy within 60 ft. of you rolls a d20, before the make the roll, you may activate the Probability Degradation Matrix as an immediate action. If you do, they must roll two d20’s, and keep the lower result. You cannot force deities, Sidereal Exalted, or other Starmetal Caste Alchemicals to reroll with this ability.

God-Machine Weaving Engine (Su)
Magic is power, and Starmetal Caste Exalts know all there is to know about keeping a tight hold on power. At 24th level, a crystalline ring of Eberron dragonshards rises forth from your chest, a reservoir of magical power. Whenever you cast a spell modified by metamagic feats, the total spell level adjustment of all the feats applied is reduced by 2, to a minimum of 0. At 27th level, the total adjustment is reduced by 3, and at 30th level, it is reduced by 4. This ability applies even to spells cast from magic items, if you have class features that allow you to apply metamagic feats to such spells.

Empathy Simulation Engine (Ex and Su)
A Starmetal Caste Exalt’s words may seem to betray genuine compassion and emotion, but they are but a carefully maintained facade–and, with the gift of the Great Maker, this facade becomes a magical barrier. A latticework of starmetal engulfs your brow, anchored to it by barbed hooks. The empathy simulation engine creates a false mind, a decoy for mental delusions. You gain immunity to mind-affecting abilities, as they are shunted off into this false mind. In addition, whenever this immunity allows you to overcome a mind-affecting spell that targets you, you may choose to archive that spell within the false mind. Once you have done so, you may cast that spell at a later point in time. You treat the spell as if it were cast by its original caster for determining its caster level, save DC, and so forth. You may cast it even if you do not have the ability score minimum required to cast it or if it is not on your class spell list. You can only cast an archived spell once, after which it fades from your memory. You may have a maximum number of archived spells equal to your Intelligence modifier. There is no limit to how long you can keep a spell archived for.

Synaptic Acceleration Node (Ex)
Complex logic engines take form within your brow, starmetal assemblies of gears and cogs that move with greater celerity than any mortal brain. At 30th level, whenever you cast a spell (or infusion), you may cast a second spell with a casting time that is the same or shorter as the one you are casting. Thus, in one turn, you could take a standard action to cast two spells, and then a swift action to cast two quickened spells, and so forth. However, the second spell you cast can never be of the highest level of spells you are capable of casting.

Immortality: Starheart Archmage
You withdraw into yourself, recognizing the evolutionary potential of your body as perhaps the greatest arcane research laboratory in the world. You reshape your form into one more useful to your study of magic, abandoning a humanoid shape for an exotic crystalline array, a whirring clockwork engine, or an imposing spire. Within this new laboratory, you devise new spells and forge artifacts of epic power.

The Demented One
2009-02-26, 08:37 AM
Soulsteel Caste Exalted


The Sentinels of the Soulsteel Caste underwent their True Birth in a vision of a horrific, malevolent force, the Great Creator in his most dire aspect. He seized them, and began tormenting them under his hammer, forging the souls of the damned into them. The warforged of the Soulsteel Caste are ruthless warriors and feared torturers. Though the unholy powers forged into their very being are a seductive call to evil, not all yield to it, though few among the Sentinels could be called paragons of virtue. Their composite plating is pure black, and at certain angles, damned souls can be seen in it, trying desperately to break free. They can terrify mortal foes with their attacks, bind souls of the slain to their armor, and break the wills of their foes.

Requirements: 21st level, construct type, any non-good alignment

21st|Soulsteel Body, Transcendent Brutality Program
24th|Interpolative Situational Analysis Processor
27th|Body-Reweaving Matrix
30th|Personality Override Spike

Soulsteel Body (Ex and Su)
As you are exalted to the grim power of soulsteel, your composite plating is infused with damned souls trapped within (if you do not have composite plating, then you gain it nonetheless. It functions just like the composite plating of a warforged). This new composite plating retains any magic enhancements your old plating had. Soulsteel plating grants you a +15 armor bonus to AC. You are considered to be wearing heavy armor, and your base land speed is reduced to 20 ft. You have a +3 maximum Dexterity bonus to AC, a -3 penalty on all skills armor check penalties apply to, and an arcane spell failure chance of 30%. The misery of the bound souls fused to you empowers you against the forces of good, granting you the benefits of a constant magic circle against good, with caster level equal to your character level. At 30th level, this becomes a constant unholy aura effect.

Transcendent Brutality Program (Ex)
Those of the Soulsteel Caste have inhuman depravity hardwired into their very essence. Whenever you attack, all enemies within 60 ft. of you must make a Will save, DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Charisma modifier, or be shaken for the duration of the encounter. Even creatures normally immune to fear are subject to this ability (but not those immune to all mind-affecting abilities). Creatures with HD less than half your character level are instead panicked for as long as they can see you. You may make Intimidate checks to demoralize a foe as a swift action. In addition, whenever you attack an enemy who is shaken, frightened, or panicked, you add your Charisma modifier, minimum +0, to the attack roll, and add your character level to the damage roll. In addition, if you threaten a critical hit against such an enemy, you automatically confirm it.

Interpolative Situational Analysis Processor (Ex)
Ever-cunning, the Soulsteel Caste’s assassins and torturers always have complex, diabolic plans in motion. Their evolution only furthers this natural capacity, as a cluster of Khyber dragonshards, the souls trapped within them harnessed and subjugated to your reasoning capacity. At the beginning of each encounter, you formulate a plan that relies on taking advantage of your enemy’s actions, their strategy playing right into your cruel, metallic hands. You must state a specific action to be taken by any of your foes, such as casting a specific spell (but not just casting a spell), or attempting to trip you (but not just attacking you). When those circumstances are met, you may take a full round of action before the enemy can actually take that action. Once this ability is triggered, you may set a new condition (since your enemies will have realized the nature of your prior scheme, you cannot reuse a condition). You may also change the current condition set as a standard action.

Body-Reweaving Matrix (Ex and Su)
The Sentinels do not easily fall in their duties, sustained as they are but the souls of their foes. Colonies of miniscule drones form within your body, scuttling constructs that mend your every wound. At 27th level, you gain fast healing 5. In addition, whenever you kill a living enemy, they must make a Will save, DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Charisma modifier. If they fail, their soul is bound into your armor, as with the soul bind spell (their soul is only released if you are killed). After binding a fallen enemy’s soul in this way, your fast healing increases by an amount equal to half their HD for the next 5 rounds. This ability is not cumulative.

Personality Override Spike (Su)
The most feared and reviled weapon of the Soulsteel Caste are their brutal mental probes, crude implants that fuse to the brains of mortals or the magical cores of constructs and break their will. A jagged spike of soulsteel extends from one of your arms, a natural weapon that deals 1d8 damage and has an enhancement bonus equal to one-quarter your character level. Whenever the personality override spike damages an enemy, it injects extremely small drone constructs into their body. The drones immediately infiltrate the target’s brain, forcing them to make a Will save, DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Charisma modifier. If they fail their save, they are dominated for a number of days equal to your Charisma modifier, minimum one. If they succeed, the are immune to the effects of the personality override spike for the duration of the encounter. The drones bypass almost any magical resistance and can even infect constructs. Immunity to mind-affecting abilities granted by spells or magic items, except for that granted by epic spells or artifacts, does not protect against this control, and even constructs, normally immune to mind-affecting abilities, are vulnerable to it. You can only control a number of creatures equal to your Charisma modifier with this ability at one time. In addition, as a standard action, you may touch any one-handed or light weapon you are proficient with to the spike to fuse it to your body. The weapon attaches to your arm over the spike, like with an armblade. In addition, attacks made with the fused weapon still carry the domination effect of the personality override spike.

Immortality: Avatar of Forsaken Souls
Called by some resonance within the Khyber dragonshards of your own body, you descend into the underworld beneath Eberron, where thousands of trapped souls lie trapped within shards much like the ones embedded throughout your frame. There, you find some powerful force of darkness–a rakshasa rajah, a daelkyr, even an avatar of the Dragon Below itself. You do battle with it...and triumph. With the soul of a being of deific power fused to you, you become a veritable demigod of death, waging war on all who refuse to give in to your dread demands.

The Tygre
2009-02-26, 11:28 AM
Will your d20 Exalted stuff ever cease to amaze me?

2009-02-26, 03:04 PM
That Infernals book needs to come out to harvest for more epic destinies...

2009-02-26, 09:32 PM
Wow. I may not play D&D, but you... the stuff on this forum I have seen from you is just amazing in concept, and probably in rules as well. Demented One, you have proven to me that being crazy is not nessesarily bad. :smallbiggrin:

2009-02-28, 04:16 AM
Awesome stuff!

I'm definitely going to have to try out a couple of these... :smallbiggrin:

2009-02-28, 02:59 PM
Haven't read 'em all yet, but I just want to say that this is very, very cool. Orichalcum caste especially (I dig the picture), but all of them look so very awesome.

I love warforged.

2009-02-28, 03:16 PM
i thought i replied to this one already, but maybe not.

the jade and moonsilver castes are stellar. the others are great, but not up to the epic-ness of the other two.

great job.

The Demented One
2009-03-01, 09:24 AM
i thought i replied to this one already, but maybe not.

the jade and moonsilver castes are stellar. the others are great, but not up to the epic-ness of the other two.

great job.
Hmm. What do you think it is that the orichalcums, starmetals, and soulsteels are missing that would make them suitably epic? Or maybe, what the jades and moonsilvers have that make them so.

2009-03-01, 03:06 PM
Can't speak for Stycotl, but I thought the Soulsteel's Body Reweaving Matrix and the Orichalcum's Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus and Maker's Advanced Defense Array are suitably epic. The Starmetal's Synaptic Acceleration Node is just... horrible. For its enemies.

2009-03-01, 03:42 PM
Hmm. What do you think it is that the orichalcums, starmetals, and soulsteels are missing that would make them suitably epic? Or maybe, what the jades and moonsilvers have that make them so.

maybe i should rephrase what i said earlier, since it does seem that this is what i was implying.

i meant that they were all awesome, and all fitting, and therefore, all nicely epic, but that the moonsilver and the jade were epic-epic. they were exceptional.