View Full Version : 4e- Mongoose Publishing, anyone check out their stuff?

2009-02-27, 09:51 PM
Specifically I'm wondering if anyone has picked up the Wraith Recon campaign setting stuff. I'm contemplating getting it and was wondering if anyone here can offer their opinion on it. To me it sounds like Shadowrun meets D&D, is this a fair comparison?

2009-02-27, 10:33 PM
Personally, the Wraith Recon setting seems alright, but not really like something I'd spend money on. :smallredface: Kinda like XCrawl for 3.x, which was kinda neat, but I never got until I got it for free back in December.

If someone that actually has the stuff could give a review, though, I wouldn't mind some extra info that might convince me otherwise. :smalltongue: