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2009-02-27, 11:26 PM
After my happy band of pcs and cohort make their way through the forest carving a bloody swath through whatever stands in there way what do they do when they reach thier destination? my go to plan is demon or elemental or devil or goblin or orc or anything obviously evil but im also thinkin political intrigue or scandal. any suggestions? and nothing waaaaaaay out there thats my other campaign setting with wacky stuff

2009-02-28, 12:18 AM
And where exactly are they going? Where are they now? What setting? System? Level?

2009-02-28, 08:30 AM
They all live happily every after?

2009-02-28, 10:51 AM
Please review what you write and make sure it makes sense next time, I really can't tell what your looking for.

2009-02-28, 11:44 AM
I infer that you are the DM here and wondering what challenges you should pit against the party next. While some detail about the kind of campaign you're running would be a step in the right direction, it's still impossible to just say "You should do X." There are literally an unlimited number of options, hundreds of which can be found by perusing these very forums. Pick one that sounds cool to you, or better yet, to your players; tweak it and make it your own. Or to make things very quick and easy for you, you might even grab a published module that roughly fits the theme (if any) your players' characters have been exposed to so far.

2009-02-28, 12:26 PM
If you're looking for interesting results, try making the BBEG something cool, like an Ur-Priest. Or make the BBEG ludicrously tough but have a way around him. Mix things up.

2009-02-28, 01:28 PM
How about a god (http://jrients.blogspot.com/2009/02/um-fear-my-wrath-puny-mortals.html)? :smallwink:

2009-02-28, 10:11 PM
I agree with Dentarthur:

1. We don't really have sufficient information to recommend one possibility over others.

2. If you have no clear preference of your own and are having a hard time deciding what to do, you could always ask your players what sort of encounter they would enjoy.

2009-02-28, 10:36 PM
pick all of them at once.

2009-03-04, 12:24 AM
version 3.5. i got two dwarves one a level 13 fighter with multiple charge based feats and a level 9 paladin 2nd level cleric cohort (also dwarven). the third is a level twelve cleric of roads (farlengehenehehhe) and they just defeated an evil whos who of recently encountered baddies. now theyre setting off into he once bustling megatropolis now turned dead city of delvrock where anything and everything evil can be enountered. so far the fighter (lawful good) has been carving a bloody swath on his journey southward to the kingdoms second largest city. i also need help roleplaying his paladin cohort. any more info needed ask me.