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2009-02-28, 03:47 AM
I had an idea. Instead of getting a character from the character builder thread we all create a character together. Ok this is how it works:
I.We vote on ability scores (25 point buy0
II.Someone chooses a race (we can all vote if there are objections)
III.Someone chooses a class (same as above)
IV.We all add in ways to Pizimp the character (charcter concepts,strange spell selections)
V.Everything can be voted against if there are objections
VI. 3.5
VII. No setting books (sorry)

Beguiler (1 vote)
Paladin of Slaughter (1 vote)
Hexblade (1 vote)
Truenamer (1vote)
Cleric (1 vote)
Samarai (2 votes)
Rogue (2 votes)
Psychic warrior (1 vote)
Druid (1 vote)
Ardent (1 vote)

Starting now do not add new classes. Vote on your faveorite from above

2009-02-28, 03:53 AM
Edition? I'm assuming 4E since you mentioned a character builder.

We should vote for: Class, then race, then abilities, then any class features, then feats, then powers.

Edit: On re-reading, seems like you're talking about 3.5 then. Similar voting order, then. (replace powers with spell selection, if applicable)

2009-02-28, 04:00 AM
Ok, since U'r the first poster what class do you want?

Inyssius Tor
2009-02-28, 04:16 AM
Race: Zeka.

...what? What's wrong with the Zeky? Prometheans animated by the power of the atom! Nuclear necromancy! Full access to the irradiation list of Transmutations! What's not to like?

(man, I hope the next guy picks Cobalus as our "class". They've always been my favorite Refinement.)

2009-02-28, 04:33 AM
What book is Zeka from? but we are voting a class now, not race


2009-02-28, 04:35 AM
Artificer. How many levels are we planning out? I vote 4.

Inyssius Tor
2009-02-28, 04:37 AM
It's from Promethean: the Created.

Oh, I'm sorry, were we not using the nWoD system? Okay. :smallfrown: I guess I'll have to content myself with a vote for Dawn Caste Solar Exalted (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exalted#Solar_Exalted_.28Lawgivers.2C_Solars.29).

Don't assume we're all D&D 3.5 devotees. Or 4Eons. I can't honestly tell which assumption you're making... which is kind of the problem, innit? :smallwink:

2009-02-28, 04:38 AM
4 is accepted. oh crap, I forgot to say this is for the default campaign setting, not Ebberon

Inyssius Tor
2009-02-28, 04:41 AM
Artificer is still a valid choice, regardless of setting. Nothing in the class rules force you to set your game in Sharn.

Or do you mean you're banning all setting books?

EDIT: Sorry, forgot to actually contribute. I'd like to see what interesting concepts we can get out of a Beguiler.

2009-02-28, 04:46 AM
I am posting all rules and votes on OP

2009-02-28, 05:00 AM
Is serpent kingdoms not allowed then? If it is, I vote we start as a Divine Minion to Nepthys.

Some of you know where I'm going, I think... =P

2009-02-28, 06:17 AM
Rogue has my vote.

2009-02-28, 06:22 AM


2009-02-28, 06:52 AM
My vote goes to Ardent. Building those is a ton of fun.

2009-02-28, 06:57 AM
My class vote: Paladin of Slaughter.

Tempest Fennac
2009-02-28, 06:58 AM
I'll say Cleric because they are my favourite class.

2009-02-28, 07:19 AM
I vote Samarai so it is a challenge

2009-02-28, 07:53 AM
I vote Samarai so it is a challenge

No! I can feel the maximised fireballs closing in already!

I'm going to say rogue too.

2009-02-28, 09:45 AM
Psychic Warrior sounds good.

2009-02-28, 10:13 AM
I vote on samurai too.

Lets see... race: Kobold :smallwink:

2009-02-28, 10:18 AM
I vote "1 level dipper" as a class.

Four levels of different classes!

2009-02-28, 10:30 AM
I vote "1 level dipper" as a class.

Four levels of different classes!

Be best if ties were Multiclass amongst these classes :P

2009-02-28, 10:56 AM
I vote Druid. I like no challenges. :smallbiggrin:

2009-02-28, 11:10 AM

2009-02-28, 11:56 AM

2009-02-28, 12:26 PM
The rules are updated

2009-02-28, 12:30 PM
Any specific reason you skipped my vote for Ardent?

2009-02-28, 12:33 PM
Any specific reason you skipped my vote for Ardent?

Didn't see it. I greatly apologise. I'll fix it

2009-03-02, 12:25 AM
I vote samurai, I always liked that clase for some reason.

Tempest Fennac
2009-03-02, 02:26 AM
Would it be okay if I changed my vote from Cleric to Druid please?

2009-03-02, 08:05 AM
Undecidede between samurai or truenamer >>

Olo Demonsbane
2009-03-02, 09:56 AM
I vote Beguiler