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2006-09-11, 04:47 PM
Call me old fashion but i liked the old starwars 6d system. i have been unable to find any posts on this subject. and since west end games doesn't make it anymore, i have started editing the system to create one of my liking. mainly adapting it to fantasy genre. magic etc. also i have attempted adding a few things i found lacking in the system that i have liked in other systems, such as gurps or 7 seas, etc.
such as advantages/disadvantages. at this stage in the developement i am uncertain how much of the system i will disclose but i figure i will add more as it comes. i really just want feed back from those who know the 6d system and what things they may want to have added to it from other systems. for example what advantages/ disadvantages are good.
Some changes that i have made is to give the attributes and skill dice in character creation a point value so that you can interchange them. i.e. you can have a very skilled character with low attributes or slightly higher attributes with lower stats. another idea i am toying with is changing the attribute categories from str, dex, kno, tech, mech, per. to a varying 6 attributes if anyone has suggestions of changes let me know.

2006-09-11, 06:37 PM
WEG is still making the D6 system, they just lost the Star Wars license. I think they're calling it D6 Space now. Should be up on their website.

2006-09-11, 06:59 PM
thankyou for your response, i was aware that WEG had released a D6 system, i will have to look further into to see if it covers all of the aspects that i desire. however, i have delved so far now into creating an alternate system that i think i will continue anyway.
as i said i would like to add feats or special abilities that can be bought in character creation in exchange for skill dice. And Magic usage is also an addition.