View Full Version : [3.x] Pick Your Own Class Features

2009-03-04, 02:19 AM
My initial inspiration for this attempt came from a combination of seeing something similar done for the 4e PHB classes and the feat point system: instead of picking a class, you get X points to spend on class features (BAB, saves, skill points, and Class Features). Each feature costs Y points (BAB, saves, and skills start at a 'base' value, and can be increased from there).

I tried to find the link to the 4e version of this (I believe it was on the ENWorld forums), but was unable to locate it. Does anyone know if someone has done this already?

Either way, does anyone see any potential problems or pitfalls with attempting to do this?

2009-03-05, 06:32 AM
BESM d20 does this with their generic class. I forget what it's called: Adventurer? Anyway, they have breakdowns in their sidebar about the PHB races and classes, and assigning point values to the abilities. It's worth reading just for the rules analysis, and the game is well-done.