View Full Version : Daggerspell Shaper [3.5]

2009-03-04, 06:48 AM
I'm invited to a campaign with a none-too serious bent that where every mad combination of prestige classes with the most unbalanced powers imaginable is allowed.

The only problem is that the most common crazy combos are going to be already filled. We've got a Dread Necro with a billion or so undead servitors, all that cheese already going on that I know of and the other 3 guys are seasoned powergamers.

So I figured I would take an alternate path. I'm not an efficient cheeser so since the campaign is about awesome and blockbuster-style action, I figured I would try out a Daggerspell Shaper and focus it on a combination of blinding daggerwork and amazing mid-leap shapeshifting as the DM has been known in this type of campaign (his "vacation" type campaigns) to reward sheer badassery and vivid visual description with success.

So the sample class in C.Adv seems straightforward enough, but I want to just turn it into a vehicle of pure ridiculousness. What feats/races/silly magic items can I add to turn this guy into an all singing, all dancing Crowning Moment of Awesome?
Assume I'm to the point of taking my first level in Daggerspell Shaper and give me a hand from there if you don't mind folks :)