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2009-03-05, 06:30 AM
I've recently begun considering the possibilities of Gestalt characters from Unearthed Arcana. Previously, I always thought it needless over-powering, but I've begun to see that it can be used to good effect...being able to play a Warrior-Mage from 1st level, for example, instead of having to wait until you qualify for Prestige Classes.

So, I'm here asking for character suggestions using the gestalt rules. I'm not particularly looking for character builds, but rather I'm looking for character concepts...for example: a Dread Necromancer//Barbarian who focuses on powerful melee augmented by his necromantic abilities or a Scout//Spirit Shaman who is both a pathfinder and spiritual guide for his tribe.

2009-03-05, 06:49 AM
Druid//Cleric, who has a divine connection to a nature god and through that, the nature itself.

Factotum//Warblade, an intelligent warrior gathering bits and pieces of information on everything he encounters using his knowledge of whatever he faces, and unexpected auxillary skills to study the opponent, learn its weak points and then defeat it.

Wizard//Archivist, a magician studying old tomes of any origin to learn the magic within.

Druid//Monk/Fist of the Forests, from the monastery to A Nature God, a warrior priest honing the perfection of his wildshape forms.

Rogue//Barbarian, Conan (sorry, couldn't resist).

2009-03-05, 07:18 AM
Warblade//Swordsage, martial arts pupil determined to master all known martial arts. Probably a crusader dip and then into Master of 9 on one side

Bard/Crusader//Marshal, inspiring military leader

Sorcerer/Pale Master//Crusader, obsessed with the idea of avoiding death. (Level 16, immune to pretty much everything undead are immune to and has the Immortal Fortitude stance)

Yeah, I like ToB

2009-03-05, 07:20 AM
Actually, Barbarian is a very versatile side in Gestalt when you focus more on the story and versimilititude of the game instead of the sheer power of the characters (as it should be).

A Barbarian/Spirit Shaman, Binder or Cleric is the spiritual leader, medicine man etc. of his people. A Barbarian/Scout is an expert hunter and tracker of a people who lives in the wilderness. A Barbarian/Bard may be a Skald of Norse tradition and a leader of a howling, waid painted hord of berserkers. A Barbarian/Marshal is the chief of his tribe.

2009-03-05, 08:26 AM
Actually, Barbarian is a very versatile side in Gestalt when you focus more on the story and versimilititude of the game instead of the sheer power of the characters (as it should be).

True! Even if most times are searched for multiclass combos, the varies barbarian altrnative class feature can be used to built a campaing based on tribes and different cultures sharing common bases. Fitting well with deities and demigods and Frostburn, maybe.

Can I add Barbarian/Totemist?

2009-03-05, 10:56 AM
Druid//Ninja - "Hey, look, it's a bear... hold on, where'd he go?"
Scout//Rogue - "Could anybody lend me some d6's? I seem to have run out." Great for commando stuff. This guy can infiltrate anywhere, and he does it with style.
Bard/Master of Masks//Beguiler - The ultimate in deception and duplicity.
Monk//Fighter/Ranger/Dervish - More attacks than you can shake a Kama at. (Works great with Versatile Unarmed Strike). This is the kung fu guy who proves the inverse ninja law. Wades into an army of mooks and he's the only one left standing at the end.

2009-03-05, 11:28 AM
Beguiler//Swashbuckler/Rogue/Fighter/Factotum/Warblade/whatever: the ultimate Swashbuckler ... who also happens to secretly practice magic at night when no one is looking.

2009-03-05, 12:31 PM
Personally I find the concept of a Wizard/Fighter/Occult Slayer very interesting:
Add in Arcane Strike(CW), a hatred of arcane Divination, a general distrust of magical storage & Magebane(MIC) enhanced weaponry, and you have yourself a interesting and explainable Fluff/Crunch.
Designed to be a Counter Spellcaster,(not a counterspell specialist mind you, a counter caster) He works out nicely at 9th or tenth level; Going invisible and sneaking up to a opposing caster, he readies to disrupt a spell.
Burning his highest level spell, he gets a +5 and a +2 from magebane to his attack against a hopefully flatfooted opponent, doubling the damage from his falchion for the spell disruption and adding a extra 2d6 from magebane and extra 10d4 from arcane strike.
Flatfooted with +7 bonus to attack and a total of 2d4+10d4+2d6 15-20x2 critical for a average damage of 60(Remember, all this was doubled from the occult slayer's Vicious Strike.) before Str and Power attack.

I think depending on how your DM handles LA in Gestalt you might find some combination of doppleganger mindspy and something else interesting.

Darth Stabber
2009-03-05, 03:55 PM
Totemist//Barbarian - Wild child of doom

Swashbuckler//Swordsage - Master of Puissant combat

Dread Necromancer//Hexblade - You cause pain and agony with just a glance

Bard//Cleric - Evangelist

Archivist//Cleric - Faithful religious scholar.

Psion(egoist)//Fighter - Psywar on steroids.

Favored Soul//Warlock - Patronage of the divine and the infernal.

Incarnate//Artificer - I can make shinies out of anything

Favored Soul//Paladin - Double dose of divine investment (and favors all save +charisma)

Human Fighter//Rogue(bonus feat variant) - lvl 20 with 30 feats, yes please.
Dvati Fighter(sneak attack variant)// Rogue - Oh look flanking, Splunch

Dread Necromancer//Death master - Undead legions, quick and dirty.

2009-03-06, 12:36 AM
Barbarian // Swordsage -- I crush you... with the stone dragon path.

Bard / Sublime Chord / War Weaver // Paladin / Warblade -- It's not what I can do (though that's plenty), it's what I can help my friends to do.

Evolved Terror Vampire // Sorceror / nightmare spinner -- Fear me... for I never run out of spells.

Wizard // Archivist -- I know a spell for that... and that... yeah, that too.

Warlock // Rogue -- Bookkeeping? What's that? Pass me that giant box of d6s.

Druid // Swordsage / Eternal Blade -- 'Dzilla? You ain't seen nothing yet.