View Full Version : Could someone please explain...

2009-03-05, 11:34 PM
...what PEACH and Cheese mean? Does anybody have a list of these somewhere?

2009-03-05, 11:37 PM
PEACH: Please Examine And Comment Honestly. A request usually seen attached to posts presenting original gaming content requesting constructive feedback and criticism.

Cheese: Describes an ability, spell, class, or other rule thought to be problematic in some manner. Sometimes used as a synonym for broken, more often refers to a build or rule that makes a character very powerful but not quite broken (eg. spiked chain cheese, divine meta-cheese), especially if the particular build becomes a dominant option for a particular class. Also often applied if the subject is considered absurd or ridiculous - ie. cheesy. For example, double weapons may be considered cheese as they are statistically sound but realistically improbable or impossible. May also refer to stereotypical fluff or backstory.

Both come from the Common Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms.

Kris Strife
2009-03-05, 11:41 PM
PEACH is Please Examine And something-with-a-C Honestly, has to do with homebrewing, etc.

Cheese is unneccessary Over Powerdness like Wave Motion Gun every 5 seconds as anti infantry.

Can someone explain THACO to me?

2009-03-05, 11:45 PM
THAC0: To Hit AC Zero. A pre-3/3.5 term that refers to how the probability of a creature hitting its target with an attack was figured. In this case, each class granted a base To Hit number, modified by Str or Dex depending on the attack type, magic, and other factors. Then it has the AC of the target subtracted from it to determine the actual To Hit number for a specific AC. The attacker has to roll higher than the final number. AC 0 does not modify the final To Hit number, so it is easy to use this number to figure other To Hit numbers from THAC0. THAC0 is roughly analagous to BAB.

Follow the above link, its there as well.

2009-03-05, 11:46 PM
To Hit Armor Class Zero.

2009-03-05, 11:47 PM
oooh sick ninja burn!

2009-03-05, 11:47 PM
Can someone explain THACO to me?

Total Hit for Armor Call Zero (0).

Edit: Double Ninja?!

2009-03-05, 11:54 PM
This is why we have sticky threads. I know it's tempting to skim past them, but your life will be made much simpler if you don't.

2009-03-05, 11:56 PM
THACO was switched to BAB (and AC switched to "bigger is better" instead of +/- 10 "less is more") to remove one step- you add BAB to your attack roll instead of adding AC to THACO and subtracting the attack roll. Otherwise the mechanics are the same.

I think. I haven't dealt with it in a long, long time.