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2009-03-06, 07:10 PM
For a saga edition game, I'm building a duros sniper. The fluff is that the major export of the planet is rare furs, and the character is the leader of a hunting organization. Since the duros and the fur trade are both being horribly horribly abused by the empire, he is sitting in the woods with his employees, they are broke, they are angry, and they are armed.

We are allowed to do flaws, have a 25 pt. buy, and I think I want to stick to being a duros for fluff reasons. We're starting at level 1, no clue how high we may go.

What I have so far is:

STR 8, DEX 18 (+2 racial), CON 10 (-2 racial), INT 14 (+2 racial), WIS 10, CHA 13

Feats I have Natural Leader (Force unleashed) to give me my employees (4 Nonheroic 8 snipers, CL2 each) and a monthly income, Point blank shot, and Far Shot.

Talents: I'm torn between Acute senses for the tree it will open up later, and taken hidden attacker (KoTOR) immediately.

Gear: 1750 starting credits. Czerka Adventurer (Clone Wars) with scope, bipod, and Frangible Bullets. I'm trying to argue importing a muzzle silencer from d20 modern. Stealth suit (Clone wars again), and maybe a second hand swoop bike for rapid transit. Since the DM has ruled that range penalty reducing effects stack, the Accurate quality, Scope, and farshot should mean I'm taking no penalties to hit out to 150 squares, and frangible give me damage parity with blasters at a cost to hit foes in armor (+1 die of damage).

Skills: Stealth, Perception, and Survival are my big 3. Since I can afford either a second hand swoop or a beast of burden, I want to do ride or pilot, but not both.

Plans: At some point I want to take keen shot, hidden attacker, and surveillance for my talents. Some stealth talent tree stuff to qualify for vanguard. For feats: Refluffed sith military training (Drop an enemy and initiate fear effect: YES PLEASE!), Careful shot, Deadeye, sniper shot, cunning attack, coordinated attack and coordinated barrage. I want to take the Vanguard prestige class for all the stealthy, sneaky bonus damage goodness, and I'm considering dips into Gunslinger and Saboteur. Thoughts?

Mando Knight
2009-03-06, 08:14 PM
Grab Scum and Villainy. The Assassin PrC has some bonuses for snipers, and the dedicated sniper rifle (an accurate weapon) will be useful once you get a spare 2000 creds, as will the double trigger, which grants a bonus to Careful Shot.

2009-03-07, 07:21 AM
Is there something special about the sniper rifle, other than accurate? Because I already have that through my rifle, and have damage parity or better through coordinated barrage by my minions and ammunition. And I don't really feel like shelling out a couple grand for a rifle that will just wind up with a +1 higher bonus against foes in armor.

I'll look into the other stuff. Thanks.

Mando Knight
2009-03-07, 12:37 PM
It's got a 3d10 damage die, but only lasts 10 shots per pack and takes a penalty if not aimed.

The assassin class gives you a bonus against armored foes with a talent, and grants several bonuses to damage...