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2009-03-06, 10:24 PM
Stories of any good ones that you have had in your games.

2009-03-06, 11:22 PM
One medium sized tavern. Already has dim illumination. Only two lantern light sources in the room. Two of the three party members decide to stop once and for all the shenanigans of three humans that have been bullying people around town. So, these party members, being dwarves, devise a plan. They simultaneously douse the lanterns, making the main room pitch black, and proceed to seriously trump the bullies.

Not really a fight, but it was in a tavern!

The bullies ended up hog tied covered in molasses in the town square.

2009-03-06, 11:31 PM
Huh, taverns. I've had maybe two taverns in my games that were near combat. The only one that the PCs had a chance to wreck was a distraction by the MBEG to steal a MacGuffin they had. They sent a single guy out back to intercept the MBEG, and he got trounced soundly. Oh, and a lot of collateral damage was done in the process, though nothing specific to taverns themselves.

2009-03-06, 11:35 PM
I ran a brawl once where the party went into a bar with a couple of spare potions, insulted the biggest guy present while standing next to the smallest, and pointed at the scrawny guy when the big one turned around. Then they gave him a large drink to "give him courage." He proceeded to lay waste to the bar under the effects of Bull's Strength, Bear's Endurance, Shield, and Magic Fang, plus several other miscellaneous effects.

Meanwhile, they snuck in the back and stole the bar's entire stock of beer, which they then provided to the guards at the local keep during the duke's coronation in order to get in and rip off the treasury. It was a weird campaign.

2009-03-06, 11:44 PM
Our Tiefling Warlock (4E) had witnessed an abduction from a tavern-of-ill-repute the night before that the owner was trying to cover up. So when he showed up in the same inn demanding service the next evening, the owner ordered his bouncer to usher him out. Well, the Tiefling wasn't having any of that, so he jumped out of his chair and fired a pot-shot at the tavern owner instead of the burly men surrounding him.

The party paladin (currently undercover as a tavern wench) decided it would be best to create some confusion and escape before the Watch arrived. Using a highly convincing "shrieking girl" routine (yes, she was trained in Bluff - don't ask) she managed to stampede most of the other patrons and staff out of the tavern... but the Tiefling refused to leave, having moved around the tables and firing Eldrich Blasts at the tavern owner and evading the mooks.

At this point the "harem guard" upstairs (a female Tiefling Shadowblade - or whatever they're called) sighed and came downstairs to assist. Using her "teleport-and-invisible" power, she pops up on a table next to the Warlock and one-shots him with a poisoned blade. The unconscious Warlock is then tossed out the front door at the feet of the party paladin, who just shakes her head in pity :smalltongue:

2009-03-07, 12:14 AM
I played a Dwarf fighter in a tavern brawl. I took on about four people at once. Almost won too, they were down to their last guy. Then our cleric (also a dwarf) arived. The semicounious bodies were dumped on the door step.

2009-03-07, 12:21 AM
LOL I have one for the ages. I had posted a forum for help on a Ranger build i am currently making. Well the funny story is me and a bard go into a tavern. These two drunk guys thought we were "looking at them" if you catch my drift. So they confront us and when we say we were not their rebuttle was "What we're not good looking enough for you?"

Well thats when the festivities started. I went first and 20/20 knocked out the main antagonist. LOL first punch in the fight and the Ranger does a one hit KO.

2009-03-07, 03:00 AM
I once had my half orc Ranger/Rogue start a (friendly)barfight with the party's Barbarian. My character was the first one to go unconscious, but when the barbarian stopped raging he also collapsed :smallsmile:

They soon became great friends :smallsmile:

2009-03-07, 07:43 AM
It was a 3.5 game, Drow were trying to take over the city. Our party was trying to track them down and found a few in the local tavern. The barmaid was in trouble, so my character, Elf Psychic Warrior jumped in to save her. After beating back the Drow I run back to see if she was ok.

I was able to use one my tattoos, transfering it to her body to heal her. From then on we kept up contact. Even go as far as getting the approval of her mother after her father had passed away during one of the raids.

It was a great adventure, and that was one of my most memorable moments. Sadly I was transferring out of the area and had to move my character into a hold status. It was a great adventure and I had a lot of fun. But the tavern brawl against the Drow and saving the barmaid was pretty awesome!

2009-03-07, 08:44 AM
Old, old game. I think it was 2.0 or something along that line. This was one of my first time experiences playing and I was probably too young to really understand it and probably have most of the details fogged up. I do however remember this great story...

We are sitting in the Tavern, waiting for an informant to show up. Suddenly, this big drunken idiot jumps up from his chair and starts shouting at everyone. My Magic User was supposed to be an extremely quiet man who hated loud, obnoxious people. This was the flow of events:

DM: You feel as if the informant will not show up with this guy shouting that he is going to kill everyone in the bar. He's a big burly guy; he is so drunk that he is using his greataxe as a cane.
Me: I throw my dagger at him.
DM: What? You'll never hit him, what's the point?
Me: Big drunk guy sees a dagger flying at him, maybe he'll calm down.
DM: Ok, roll away.
Me: *Rolls something like a 20* Hey, I hit. I roll on the Critical Hit table now, right?
DM: Yep, though you probably won't really hurt him.
Me: *Rolls a 68 (this is the worst critical hit possible)* Uhhh, what does it say?
DM: "Target is punctured in the heart and collapses. Death in 2 rounds."

We had to leave very quickly. I gained some kind of Infamy bonus as Yorric "The Blade." Here's the kicker: the drunk guy was the informant...