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2006-09-06, 08:25 PM
Suitably inspired by WotC's Save My Game articles, here's some revised item creation feats that were rattling around upstairs for a bit. After all, Forge Ring is only so high because of Professor Tolkien and I can't imagine anyone taking Craft Rod unless they don't get it as a bonus feat (I looking at you, Mr. Artificer). It also requires multiple ranks in Craft skills, mainly to flesh out a character and see some professional use in that skill.

Craft Expendable Item (the name sucks admittedly) [Castler-level 1st (but see skills)]
To scribe scrolls, you need 4+ ranks in Profession: Scribe or Craft: Calligraphy and at least one rank in Decipher Script. To brew potions, you need 6+ ranks in Craft: Alchemy. To make any other sort of one-use, expendable item, you need 5 ranks in an appropriate Craft skill. The wizard still gets this feat for free at 1st-level, in keeping with the established "wizard-creator" theme.

Craft Wondrous Item
Unchanged, except that you cannot use this feat to duplicate the effects of any other item creation feat. 5-8 ranks in an appropriate Craft skill are necessary (Craft: Tailor for magical clothing for instance). Portal crafting would still come under this feat.

Craft Magic Arms & Armour
Unchanged, but you need either 8+ ranks in Craft: Armourer or Craft: Weaponsmith (Craft: Bowyer qualifies) or 6+ ranks in both.

Craft Wand
Unchanged, but 6+ ranks in an appropriate wood- or metal-working skill for the wand shafts is necessary.

Craft Staff
This incorporates staves and wands and has the same Craft requirements as Craft Wand, although the minimum ranks required would be at least 8-10.

Forge Jewellery
This would be used for creating magical rings and all sorts of wondrous items in jewellery form. Craft: Jewellery 10+ ranks would be an obvious pre-requisite.

All other item creation rules would remain unchanged, though it might be an idea to require the creator to craft his own items. (Just a thought, in keeping with the Craft theme.) Psionic item creation would follow a similar pattern.