View Full Version : Domain Magic Items (3.X)

Olo Demonsbane
2009-03-07, 05:20 PM
Are there any magic items that grant access to domains? If so, what book are they in and how much do they cost?

Keld Denar
2009-03-07, 06:15 PM
Complete Champion has Domain Staves. They work like Runestaves except that they are Divine and contain all spells from the designated domain from level 1 to level 9. Similar to Runestaves, they work by allowing you to "lose" a prepared spell to spontaneously cast and spell on that domains list. Cost is 18,000g.

MIC has an item called the Domain Draught. Pretty hefty at 3,300g and consumed upon use, it would allow you to prep the domain spells its keyed to when you normally prep your spells, as well as give you acess to the granted power for the whole day. Doesn't give you any extra spells though.