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2009-03-08, 04:06 PM
I was a bit bored, and I thought how awesome it would be to have polyhedral yahtzee. I then searched the intertubes to no avail, so I decided to make it myself. Once I'd done so, I thought that since a lot of playgrounders have some polyhedral dice, it might be pretty cool to post the system here. Be warned though: while the generic system I've come up with works for all dice (as long as you round off fractions) it gets a bit silly when you're using d20s, for example, and some of the dice (most notably where the number you use or the number of sides on the dice do not have 3 as a factor) give odd results for points, d8s, for example, which give a score of 93.333... for yahtzee (just call it 93). One last thing: this is how I remember playing Yahtzee, your mileage may vary.

So, on we go!

z = number of sides
n = number of dice = z-1
x = maximum total of dice rolled = nz
y = value for yahtzee = 5/3 x

Total 1s, Total 2s ... Total Zs = Add up all the 1s, 2s ... Zs that show on the dice, each one is a seperate category.
Low straight (1,2 ... [z-1] showing on dice) = 2/5 y
High Straight (2,3 ... z showing on dice) = 1/2 y
3, 4 ... z-1 of a kind = total all dice
Wildcard = Total all dice - no requirements.

Rerolls (i.e. not counting the first roll of each round) allowed = 2 + (z-6)/2

An example might be good, d4s are simple to do.

z = 4
n = 3
We roll 3d4 a turn and get 1 reroll.
The maximum total of numbers (x) is 12
Yahtzee scores (and therefore y =) (12/3)*5 = 20
A Low straight (1, 2, 3) scores 8
A High Straight (2, 3, 4) scores 10

The fields to fill in on a d4 scorecard are:
Total 1s
Total 2s
Total 3s
Total 4s
Low Straight
High Straight

So, any recommendations?
If anyone has questions about the way I've explained things (I think they're a bit unclear), I'll try to explain them better.
If not, happy Yahtzee!
(I thought homebrew was the most appropriate place to put this. If it ought to be moved to Gaming (Other), sorry)

2009-03-08, 04:18 PM
What is the definition of a Yahtzee again? All dice showing the same value?

2009-03-09, 03:37 PM
Yes, all dice with the same value is a Yahtzee.