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2009-03-09, 06:15 AM
I'm currently recruiting for a game and one of my players came up with a quite interesting lizardman monk who works by smell, I thought a few feats which made better advantage of that were in order.
I'm not quite sure if they should be general or racial feats, but have labeled them as general for now.

Taste the Air[General]

Though many reptilian creatures have a keen sense of smell and taste by nature, from time to time some are born with what is sometimes thought to be a throwback to more feral times, a forked tongue and the ability to, quite literally, taste the surroundign air with it.

Prerequisites: Repitilian Subtype, Wisdom 15+
Benefits: A creature with this feat gains the scent ability, at a range of 5 feet. This range increases to 10 feet upwind, as normal and can not be used downwind. Especially strong smells can be detected at twice that range.

Venomfinder [General]

Those gifted with an especially fine scent are often highly valued amongst tribes living in the wilderness, and sometimes trained at an early age to detect and identify various poisonous substances.
Prerequisites: Reptilian Subtype, Wisdom 15+, Taste the Air, Craft:Alchemy 2 ranks
Benefits: You permanently gain the benefits of a detect poison spell, enabling you to notice all poisonous substances as noted in the spells description, to a range equal to the range of your scent ability gained by Tasting the Air. You may also try to identify non-poisonous potions and oils by their smell with a Wisdom check of DC 15+the caster level of the potion.

2009-03-09, 10:02 AM
Detect Poison for the second feat limited to the range of the first feat, right?

2009-03-09, 10:57 AM
Oh, yeah. Should include the range limitation. Do they seem balanced otherwise?
Now, looking at it, the DCs for identifying potions seem much to high, with a Wis of 18 to 20, one would almost never identify anything. I'll lower them to 15+caster level.

2009-03-09, 10:23 PM
The feats look good to me. They wouldn't hold out in any optimization thread, and they're definitely weak all-around, but I'm the kind of guy that likes the flavor.

If you're interested in making them viable at higher levels, then simply let the range of Taste the Air scale with HD, or else give other smell-based benefits as the character rises in level. Otherwise, these feats will become very useless, quickly.

2009-03-10, 03:42 AM
Yes, they probably will. Hmm. Perhaps make it a range of 5 feet and 5 additional feet per five HD?