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2009-03-10, 05:15 PM
Anyway, I don't know if you've read the homebrew for inserting the quaint, quiet (too quiet) town of Silent Hill, and it's denziens.

However, I do have the idea for a chronicle-which is bare bones by nesscity, given the way the town taliors it's nature to different people-as well as the Pyramid Head-like implacable monster that will be chasing the PCs around for kicks.

People, I present to you, the Scarred Doctor! (Who is, unfrotunately, incomplete as I currently have forgotten where I put the rulebook).

The Scarred Doctor
Quote: "...You...Retribute...I...Shall...."

Intelligence 4 Wits 4 Resolve 3

Presence 5 Manipulation 2 Composure 5

Strength 1 Dexterity 5 Stamina 4

Size: 5

Essence 20 (Max 25)

Health: 9

Willpower 7

Influence: Guilt 3, Terror 2

Merits: Two Weapon Fighting, Edeitic Memory, Unseen Sense (Victims), Cursed Item (Bloody Scapel), Dragon's Toungue (two dots), Bound to The Town (five dots, until certain conditions are met-see below-at which point it

Numina: Blast (Syringes, in case you were wondering what it looks like), Telekinesis, Pheremone, Paralytic Agent

Pheremone: By spending a point of Essence and injecting a pink, blood-like fluid into an enemy, the Doctor can make that person secrite a mold-like smell from his pores that is highly attractive to the other denziens of Silent Hill. After the Doctor has grappled a victim, roll Intelligence + Dexterity vs. victim's Stamina + Reslove. If the Doctor wins, the serum takes effect and the victim quickly finds himself being besiged by monsters in the next scene (which you are free to add at any time, for dramatic effect). Divide the Doctor's suceeses (round up) between the number of monsters and the number of dots each individual one has in the Bound to the Town merit, which cannot exceed four. The victim suffers a -3 penalty to avoid these monsters-they can smell her, after all. Thankfully, the serum has a short half-life, and after this inevitbly tense scene, it will decay enough to the point where it's smell doesn't attract them. The Doctor typically abandons his victims after this, assuming they have enough problems already without any more help on his part.

Paralyctic Agent: A green, sickly serum is the catalyst for this Numina, but unlike Pheremone, the Doctor doesn't even need to be that close to inject it-he can hurl a syringe forcefully enough so that physics injects it for him. When a victim is less than 20 yards away, the Doctor can spend a point of essence and roll Dexterity + Wits - Vicitm's Defense. A sucessful roll causes the victim's legs to cramp badly, reducing her speed by half (round up) for a number of turns equal to the Doctor's suceesses. He generally uses this to slow down a victim long enough so that he can get close enough to grapple and use Pheremone, or simply to harry those running from other monsters.

Backstoy and complete stats coming soon...