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Olo Demonsbane
2009-03-12, 01:26 AM
Hello, this is my first homebrew post on the forum, so bear with me...

Object Vunerability

Have you ever noticed that, despite all logic, it is easier to go mining with a greatsword than a pick? Or that dire flails are better for cutting down trees then handaxes?

Now, though, objects of a specific type are vunerable to weapons of a specific type:

Crystalline Material--------Hammers
Once living Material-------Blades

Weapons that exploit an objects vunerability can do double damage with a full round action (this prevents high level whirling frenzy TWF barbarians from cutting down too many trees and therefore prevents my house being stormed by angry druids).

Please PEACH and offer more materials and the weapons that exploit their vunerability.

Olo Demonsbane
2009-03-12, 10:32 PM

Is this that perfect that the forum has nothing to say? :smallamused:

The Mentalist
2009-03-14, 08:33 PM
I think the full round action is a bit too much, it doesn't really make sense.

2009-03-16, 10:28 AM
I must say that I'm glad someone is doing something about that problem. I was actually thinking of trying to fix that situation myself.

Olo Demonsbane
2009-03-17, 02:09 AM
I think the full round action is a bit too much, it doesn't really make sense.

My idea was that you have to hit it in a specific way to do the extra damage.

For example, you would definitely take more measured swings while you were mining than when you were fighting with a pick. And you are not going to be full attacking the tree, you are going to be slowly and steadily cutting it down.

Like I said, I have a bad picture of someone abusing this, and I believe to err on the side of caution while homebrewing.

Baron Corm
2009-03-17, 10:46 AM
Your reasoning for the full-round action makes sense. However, it makes less sense in game terms because then you will be able to do more damage with a full attack than a concentrated attack. Just treat the full attack as a concentrated one - full attacks are abstract anyway. A high level character can kill as many trees as he wants even without this rule.

You should also specify what "once living material" and "blades" mean. Does this mean that after you kill a plant, any slashing weapon will work on it, but when it's alive, only an axe? And when you say "plants", you almost definitely mean "trees", because swords (such as machetes) work better on undergrowth than axes.

Implements designed specifically for woodcutting or mining should also deal more damage to objects than their martial equivalents. You should put some examples of tools up for reference. Perhaps have the martial versions only deal +50%, because the tools have to do less base damage.