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2009-03-12, 03:12 PM
In my campaigns i've been experimenting with ways to throw humanoid opponents at my player characters. I've been trying to find ways to keep them from being useless (due to a lack of magical items) while avoiding making them loot pinatas due to expensive equipment.

The current idea i've been toying with is a template idea that i got from one way in which iron heroes handled magical items found on demonic beings.

The intent of this is to make melee humanoid mooks a viable threat to throw at the party at higher levels.

Template: Devilish conscript

Devilish conscripts are the souls of powerful individuals, enslaved either due to pacts made in life or after death to stave off the torment that awaited them in the afterlife. Devilish conscripts possess all of the abilities they had in life, but the energies of the hells flows through them, infusing their weapons and warping their features, making their affiliation unmistakable.

The devilish conscript template can be added to any humanoid with at least 4 hit die that has died. The character's type changes to evil outsider

Devilish conscript
Evil outside
HD as it was in life
Speed As it was in life. Additionally, a devilish conscript gains the ability to produce wings of hellfire from their back that gives them perfect flight with speed equal to their normal ground speed.
Init: As it was in life
AC: as it was in life
BAB: as it was in life.

Special abilities: Devilish infusion, hellfire wings, fast healing, spell resistance, dark mutation.
Challenge Rating is increased by 2
Treasure None
Alignment Always lawful evil
Advancement by character class

Devilish infusion: the power of the hells flows through the devilish conscript, infusing everything they touch with fel power. for every 4 hit die that a devilish conscript possesses, their weapons and armor gain a +1 enhancement bonus. This enhancement can manifest itself in many different ways based upon the conscripts personality, such that some might infuse their weapons with the fiery enhancement and others might infuse their weapons with the keen enhancement. However, this is based upon the soul and personality of the conscript, and thus it is unchangeable by the conscript.

Hell fire wings: A devilish conscript gains the ability to produce wings of hellfire from their back as a swift action, granting themselves perfect flight with a speed equal to their ground movement speed. This is a magical effect, and is suppressed in a anti-magic field.

Fast healing: A devilish conscript has fast healing equal to half his hit die.

Spell resistance: Devilish conscripts enjoy spell resistance due to the evil power coursing through them. Their spell resistance is equal to 15 +1/2 their hit die.

Dark mutation: a devilish conscript's body changes as they absorb more dark energy; for every 5 hit die they have, all their stats are increased by 1. Additionally, some of them develop different traits based upon what lords they serve. pick from the list or roll a d% to decide what traits they have.

1-10% Venomous blood
11-20% cold resistance 10
21-30% fire resistance 10
31-40% lightning resistance 10
41-50% acid resistance 10
51-60% sonic resistance
61-65% resistance all energies 10
66-70% Devilish speed
71-75% extra arms
76-80% spell resistance increased by 5
81-85% double fast healing rate
86-90% regeneration/good silver instead of fast healing
91-100% roll twice more, pick two.

Venomous blood: foul poison courses through the conscripts veins. Any creature making a bite attack against the conscript must make a save against this bitter draught (DC is 10 +1/2 hit die + constitution). Such conscripts often cut themselves before battle to coat their weapons with poison.

Roll a d6 before battle to determine which stat such poison damages; their have been reports of conscripts who's blood did a manner of things, from dulling one's mind (intelligence damage) to atrophying limbs (strength damage).
Nevertheless, the chosen stat will be damage by 1d4, and 1d4 secondary damage occurs a minute later.

Energy resistance: the conscript enjoys energy resistance.

Devilish speed: the conscript acts as if under the effects of a permanent haste spell.

double fast healing rate: the conscripts fast healing rate is double what it normally would be.

regeneration: instead of fast healing, the conscript possesses regeneration counterable only by good aligned silver weapons.

Extra arms: the conscript has an extra set of arms, granting him 2 extra attacks during a full attack at his highest base attack bonus