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2009-03-12, 08:30 PM
Hey all,

Just interested on some thoughts for a build-challenge.

Assuming ECL 6 (and standard NPC WBL), what would make for the best "Dispeller" i.e. who could throw the most number of Dispel Magics, and at the highest effective caster level? Sorcerer and Beguiler both spring to mind, but what feats/races/PrCs/items/other could you use to boost them up?

Cheers - T

2009-03-12, 08:56 PM
Not much to dispel at that level, but a Cleric with Domain Spontaneity (for any domain that has Dispel), Inquisition Domain and Divine Spell Power could do it better then a sorcerer. Granted, less dispels per day. But, flat +4 from domain and Divine Spell Power raising CL could possibly net you + 13~+15.

At higher levels, Wizards / Master Specialist (Abjuration) do it better.

Emperor Tippy
2009-03-12, 08:57 PM
You might actually be best off with a Psion.

If you were ECL 10 then it would most likely be a sorcerer with Arcane Thesis: Dispel Magic, Easy Meta: Twin Spell, and Twin Spell. Then you could get two Dispels out of a 5th level slot.

But you aren't.

Elan Psion with 13 Con, 13 Wis, and 19 Int (18 base) and the feats Earth Sense and Earth Power. Get a +2 Headband and you are at 52 PP. Which is 13 Dispel's. A Sorcerer get's 3.

As an added benefit, you can walk around in Full plate.

2009-03-12, 09:11 PM
Warlock can throw dispel magic all day long, but I don't know about ECL 6.

2009-03-12, 09:14 PM
Krau Sigil Illumian Cleric 1/Focused Abjurer 5 with Divine Defiance, Competition & Inquisition domains and the 5th level Abjurer ACF from Unearthed Arcana is fairly good (Focused Abjurer 6 obviously has more Dispels to throw around, but doesn't have access to Divine Defiance meaning the counterspell dimension is entirely negated). Adding things like Traits allows you to buff the CL for Abjuration; you should be able to hit base CL of 10 on level 6 with little trouble (Spellgifted: Abjuration, Spell Thematics & Arcane Thesis: Dispel Magic alone would do it, and that's before actually trying). Without items, it'll be countering at +15 and dispelling at +14.

Of course, for an actual character build, you'd probably go Abjurer 3/Master Specialist 2 instead in anticipation of the level 4 Master Specialist-ability to add half your Master Specialist-level to Dispel-checks and later the Master Specialist school-specific caster level increases. On level 9, Elven Spell Lore would also enable a +2. But yea, I'd go Illumian (with Krau and whatever) Cloistered Cleric 1/Focused Abjurer 5 with Spell Thematics, Divine Defiance and Arcane Thesis: Dispel Magic as the 3 feats with the level 5 Abjurer ability to burn 4 spell levels to cast Dispel Magic (means quite a few more, especially with the Focused Specialist slots).

You'd get...4 Dispel Magics assuming 20+ Int (Middle-Aged Illumian) & 12+ Wis, and have 5 level 2 Wizard slots, 7 level 1 slots & 3 Cleric level 1 slots for a total of 9 Dispel Magics at +14 without items (add items for competence-bonuses and what-have-yous). Doesn't quite match the Psion, but it's decent enough with the high checks.

2009-03-12, 09:20 PM
Focused Specialist Abjurer 3/Master Specialist 3 with Spellgifted trait, Spell Thematics, and Planar Touchstone for the Catalogues of Enlightenment for the Inquisition Domain.

This gets 4 Dispel Magics per day base, all with a total dispel check of +12. Add one more level in Master Specialist and it will go up to +15 at character level 7.

When possible, take Arcane Thesis, Elven Spell Lore, and any one of the three reserve feats that give +1 competence caster level for abjuration spells. Sadly, all of these are competing with Planar Touchstone for the level 6 feat slot due to prerequisites that cannot be satisfied earlier. It would technically be possible to cram Arcane Thesis and one of the reserve feats in by dipping cleric for the Inquisition and Protection domains and making up the lost caster level with Practiced Spellcaster, but I don't think that's worth it.

2009-03-12, 09:34 PM
Warlock can throw dispel magic all day long, but I don't know about ECL 6.

Indeed, for sheer number, the Warlock wins. As does the Dragonfire Adept. They can both pick up the Invocation Voracious Dispelling at level 6. Not only is it dispel magic at will, but any creature that has an effect on them dispelled takes damage equal to that effects SL, no save.

I'm not sure how high you can boost their CL, though.