View Full Version : (Hopefully) Simple Question

2009-03-15, 01:11 AM
So I'm brewing up a D&D world at home (clever phrasing, I know *rolls eyes*), and I need some kind of map-maker to put a map online. It doesn't need to be awesome or detailed. I just need a basic map that can make outlines, preferably add mountains and whatnot without them being too crappy, and otherwise have a decent resolution and a few color options for terrain/geography.

Oh, and I'd like it to be free. Downloadable is probably where that's going.

I know about Profantasy software already. Believe me, if I had the money I would use it too.

2009-03-15, 05:16 PM
Really, if you want a map maker, the best you're going to find is the one between your ears. I don't think they have any free ones due to just how difficult it must be to make one up. I ran a campaign a while ago and simply made a colored pencil map that was very well received.

2009-03-15, 05:40 PM
AutoREALM (http://www.gryc.ws/autorealm.htm)? Nice little mapmaker for what it costs (free). Small learning curve, and you can make some pretty nice looking maps with work.

2009-03-15, 09:52 PM
I've done that already. What I'm looking for is a medium to put it online, as I have nothing resembling a scanner or digital camera.

Thanks for the program, I think I'll have to find some kind of tutorial thing for it or just fiddle around with it for a while, but it's mostly what I'm looking for on a smaller scale. Maybe not a world map, but definitely a map of the general area or something of the like.