View Full Version : Warlocks and Taint - 2 Feats [PEACH]

2006-06-27, 03:51 PM
Tainted Warlock
You have corrupted your Warlock powers with Taint (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/campaigns/taint.htm). This has given you access to a number of new abilities.
Prerequisites: Evil alignment, Warlock level 6th+, Must learn taint magic from tainted writings, an evil outsider, another with this feat, or a Tainted Sorcerer of at least 4th class level.
Benefit: Your mixing of these energies has suppressed the influence of the Taint on you, allowing you to eliminate its Constitution penalty and halve its Wisdom penalty; this works exactly like and counts as the Taint Suppression class feature for all intents and purposes. Further, you may use blood to make the invocation The Dead Walk permanent; this inflicts 2 HP of damage to you, or 5 to an adjacent, living victim, who must be helpless or willing, per hit die of undead. Additionally, all of your invocations are now evil and fueled by your taint, setting their DC at 10+Effective Spell Level+Your Taint score. They do, however, taint you, forcing you to make a Fortitude save (DC 5+Effective Spell level) or increase your Taint score by 1 with each use. The level you take this feat, and all future levels of Warlock, have Fortitude as a good save, but Will becomes a poor save (this is not retroactive). Finally, you gain access to the Tainted Blast eldritch essence invocation. This forces any target hit by your blast without the Taint Suppression class feature to make a fortitude save against it or gain one point of Taint.

Taint Adaptation
Through adaptation to the Taint, you have gained the ability to linger on the verge of madness despite its effects.
Prerequisites: Evil alignment, Taint score 16+, Taint Suppression class feature.
Benefit: When your Taint score equals or exceeds twice your Wisdom score, you cease to accumulate Taint for simply carrying Tainted items or being in Tainted areas (Taint can still be forced upon you). Outside or Tainted areas and when not carrying Tainted items, your Taint falls at a rate of 1 point per day, to a minimum of (Your Wisdom score*2)-1; otherwise, you must still save against Taint accumulation, with your Taint score falling on a successful save and remaining constant on a failed save.