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2006-08-30, 12:30 AM
Crown of Spirit
Crown of Spirit is an antlered crown.
Nonlegacy Game Statistics: Crown of sustenance; Cost 2,500 gp.
Omen: While wearing the Crown of Spirit the eyes of the weilder glow slightly but shed no light.( In cases where races have glowing eyes ie Warforged, Goliaths etc they increase slightly but still shed no light)

Crown of Spirit is a crown made from the antlers of a albino dire mountain elk. Stories tell of a goliath hero that saved many of his people from starvation named Mualio Lonehunter. (DC15)
One tell describes how starving goliaths where about to succumb to hunger when Mualio crept into there camp with a gutted elf over each shoulder. Mualio’s gift would have remained anonymous if not for a goliath toddler who peeked out of from her tent at the right moment. (DC 18 Right of the Elk)
Other stories speak of Mualio fighting the dark elves with his dwarf allies’ deep underground, visiting the cities of the humans, or searching increasingly for an albino dire mountain elk said to possess great intelligence and a measure of magical power. Some say Mualio is a demigod and a child of Kavaki himself, while others say he wears a crown made of antlers that keep him forever young. (DC 25 Strength in Might)
In truth Mualio is still alive but not the original. The secret that has ruled his life so long is that the current Mualio is the twenty-third goliath to have the name passed down on to him-each previous holder of the name chose a successor when he grew too old to hunt well. Now, the current Mualio is reaching that age to continue the wanderings on behalf of the goliath people and will soon need to chose a successor for the twenty-four holder of the name Mualio Lonehunter. (DC: 31 Right of Mualio Lonehunter)

Legacy Rituals:
Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of the Crown of Spirit.
Right of the Elk: In order to unlock the right of the elk you must hunt down and kill an elk and feed it to starving people who are close to succumbing to hunger. 2,500gp
Strength in Might: You must face an enemy with a CR equal to your level (or higher) in single combat with no outside aid of magic and must only use personal possessions, magical or otherwise. 12,500gp
Right of Mualio Lonehunter: You are required to gain the blessing of Mualio Lonehunter. To do so, you must find him at the top of the highest mountain during the sunrise while the dawncallers sing. 40,500gp
Wielder Requirements:
Barbarians, fighters and rangers get the must use out of the Crown of Spirit, but any other character who focuses on melee combat will find the crown a welcome addition.


Legacy Item Abilities:
All the following are legacy item abilities of the Crown of Spirit.
Strength from Spirit (Su): At 5th level, you gain a +2 enchantment bonus to strength. This bonus rises to +4 at 11th level and +6 at 17th level.
Speed of the Elk (Su): At 6th level, you gain a +10 on movement on land. This bonus rises to +20 at 16th level.
Guardians Protection (Su): At 7th level, you gain a +2 Deflection bonus to armor class. This bonus rises to +5 at 13th level.
Defiance of Heroes (Su): At 8th level, you gain a +2 resistance bonus on all saving throws.
Spirit Guide (Su): At 15th level, you gain a +10 on all survival skill checks.
Guardians Light (Su): At 19th level, you gain the ability, once per day as a swift action, you can cast heal on yourself.
Spirit Burst (Su): At 20th level, once per day, you may gain a +20 insight bonus on any single roll, as the moment of prescience spell. You must declare you are activating the effect before you make the roll.

Crown of Spirit Wielder Requirements:
Base Attack Bonus: +3
Survival Skill: 5 rank
Feat: Track

Fax Celestis
2006-08-30, 12:36 AM
I'd rearrange some of those abilities a bit. The Prescience-like ability comes too late, while the Strength bonuses increase too quickly.

The other thing: Spirit Burst: How many times a day can I use it?

2006-08-30, 01:26 AM
Spirit Burst (Su): At 20th level, once per day, you may gain a +20 insight bonus on any single roll, as the moment of prescience spell. You must declare you are activating the effect before you make the roll.

read closer Fax!

2006-08-30, 02:27 AM
Sorry but I can't rearrage anything. You can only take certain powers at certain levels and as for the Spirit burst it can only be taken at levels 17-18. When you make a legacy item you follow a skill path. You pick a path and in each catagory are a set of powers and rules as to which levels you take them and how to change out for others.
Making this item I used the B.E.H path but could have used A.D.G or C.F.I...the reason why I chose this path is it was the only line with a stat progression in it. There is another item in the book called Calabag or something close to that which has the same stat progression but other powers since it's a weapon and not a crown.

2006-08-30, 03:32 AM
umm I havn't read the book of legacy weapons, but an item that mimics a feat is worth around 10k gold, I understand a little about legacy weapons, but the starting price for that ability should be around 10k unless you're DM finds an autostabilizing item to be underpowered (which it very much isn't and is godlike in the hands of clerics/liches)

2006-08-30, 10:35 AM
a combination of legacy rituals, and costs to use it's abilities balances it. Yes it is more powerful, However its another thing that can set pcs apart from npcs. Especcialy if you play in FR.

2006-08-30, 11:17 AM
Yeah it's strange how they work like that. If you read the others some of them have some realy weird omens. The omens are what tip you off that it's a legacy weapon in teh first place. It's that added ability that sets it apart from the others that says "Hey reserach me" lol...tell you what tho when you have to make a dc31 history check and it's not in class for you to unluck the last levels of it...gonna be rough.

2006-08-30, 12:40 PM
techniccaly someone just has to make the check and relays you the information. :P

2006-08-30, 01:04 PM
Hrmm...could change the omen to something like gives a second roll on stalization checks?

2006-08-30, 01:14 PM
omen has no actual effects, its for flavour.
edit: yes change your omen. It is flavour not effects!

Fax Celestis
2006-08-30, 01:31 PM
Totally blind on the uses per day. God. As for the Legacy Item creation rules (which I am familiar with; Weapons of Legacy was the first splatbook I purchased), I find them to create very weak Legacy weapons. Some of the weapons in the book even break the rules!

2006-08-30, 01:32 PM
I personnaly follow the guidelines to a point, and then get creative.

2006-08-30, 05:19 PM
Well changed the omen...something neat and not a feat lol.