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2009-03-24, 05:40 AM
I'd like to make a Wizard that Specializes in A particular Energy type. I was building a Frostmage, when the idea hit me. Why not make a Wizard, or even a Sorcerer that Uses Mainly one type of Energy. I was thinking of doing it kinda like A standard Specialist Wizard, but you'd lose Access to an Energy type in exchange for gaining Spells and DC in another. I ran into a few problems that I'd like to get some feedback on...

1. How would I handle Spells without an Energy type?

2. There aren't enough energy based Spells at lower levels

3. If you're going with one Energy type, Should there be other benefits besides Extra Spells and DC?

Thanks in Advance.

2009-03-24, 07:05 AM
1) They don't count one way or the other. (e.g. no benefit, no 'ban')

2) With splat books there are. You can always let the Energy Specialist Wizard research an 'equivalent' spell. (e.g. Freezing Ray instead of Scorching Ray)

3) This is where I don't agree...extra spells for trading banning an energy type is probably already as good as a normal specialist wizard. You shouldn't give them any sort of bonus beyond the extra spell per spell level.

2009-03-24, 07:18 AM
I really like the Equivalent spell idea. But What would balance that. I mean If other energy types are banned, but you could swap out that for your energy type anyways, where is the downside? Perhaps the modified spells don't get the bonus to DC, and you couldn't modify a spell that is the total opposite of your energy choice. Then even that would run into problems given the set up of Energy types. I wonder what the opposite of Sonic damage would be?

2009-03-24, 11:47 AM
I kinda like the idea of an elemental specialist wizard eventually being able to form themselves out of that element ala human torch or iceman style, with more than just getting the elemental type....

2009-03-24, 11:51 AM
Maybe you should look into domain wizards off the variants page.

or the alternative specialist variant of the evoker

2009-03-25, 02:03 AM
To TogaPika
I like where you're going with that. Fire, cold, and Electric would be pretty easy to do I think. But what about Acid and Sonic? I could see Fire working as a damage to people who Melee you, with a chance of them catching on fire.. etc, and something similar for Cold. Perhaps a 10 ft Area of Slippery Terrain from the layer of Frost you generate around you?

To Kylarra
The only Problem I have with Cold Doman wizards is that Their Lack of Versitility. There are alot of great cold Spells in other books that are worth having. Even some that aren't just damage spells. Which is the same problem I have with the Evoker Variant. A good example I can think of would be the Column of Ice Spell from Frostburn. It has a whole mess of uses, but would get left out of the mix with either of those two paths of Wizard.

Thank you all for your feedback so far. It's given me alot of good ideas. Hope to hear more.