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The Demented One
2009-03-28, 08:57 PM
Bowsprit-Seducing Captain’s Blandishments
Cost: 5m
Mins: Sail 2, Essence 2
Type: Simple (Speed 5)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms: Any Sail Excellency

It is a tradition, dating back to the days of the navy of the Solar Deliberative, that all ships are considered women, and addressed as “she.” Thus, even stern and utilitarian warships may feature a beautifully-carved female figurehead, a bowsprit symbolizing the feminine presence of the ship. Perhaps that tradition inspired this Charm, which seduces the least god of a ship, winning over its love to forge a bond of compassion between the ship and its captain. In order to use this Charm, the Solar must both own the ship he intends to seduce and be onboard it. For one scene, he adds his Compassion to the maximum amount of dice he may increase any Sail dice pool made with the ship, or any Strength or Dexterity-based dice pool he rolls while onboard the ship. Only one ship may be seduced at a time with this Charm.

Hidden Maelstrom Subterfuge
Cost: 20m
Mins: Sail 5, Essence 4
Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Perfect Reckoning Technique, Sea Ambush Technique

The Lawgivers are unrivaled in matters of naval stealth and subterfuge, a supremacy enforced by this Charm. By using it, a Solar can cause any ship he owns and is onboard to meld into any body of water, the ship and all its crew becoming a part of the water (any character who is unwilling to meld with the body of water can choose not to be affected, effectively leaving the ship). While transformed, the Solar and the ship’s crew exist as part of the ship’s new aqueous form, and need not eat, drink, sleep, or breathe. They do not exist as independent beings, can take no actions (except the miscellaneous action to re-form the ship), and cannot be targeted by effects. While merged with the water, the ship travels at one-quarter its normal speed, but it is unaffected by any hazardous terrain, nor can it be detected by any means save for essence sight or similar effects. As a miscellaneous action, the Lawgiver may cause the ship to re-form, jutting up from the sea unharmed by its submarine voyage. However, he cannot cause the ship to reform in a space occupied by anything else, such as a ship or an obstacle.

Righteous Protocols of the Solar Navy
Cost: –
Mins: Sail 5, Essence 4
Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Invincible Admiral Method, Ship-Claiming Stance

The admirals of the Solar navy lead entire fleets of ships, commanding the personal loyalty of each warship’s small god. This Charm causes a Solar be treated as the owner of any ship that is owned by a character who is either loyal to him or whom he has legitimate legal or military authority over–for example, a mortal ally gained through the Followers background, or a lieutanant who serves under him in a naval chain of command. However, those characters retain ownership of their ships, and may at any time revoke the Solar’s “ownership” of their ship for as long as they choose as a reflexive diceless action.

In addition, this Charm enhances the Ship-Claiming Stance Charm, allowing it to be used to usurp ownership owned by Essence channelers. Doing so requires them to make an (Essence+Sail) roll, at a difficulty equal to the owner’s Essence.

Spiritual Anchoring Prana
Cost: 10m
Mins: Sail 4, Essence 3
Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Ship-Claiming Stance

Any vessel that has ever known the hand of a Lawgiver on its helm is the eternally faithful servant of its master. His very presence is like a glorious anchor, tethering the ship to where he stands. By using this Charm, a Solar can cause any ship that he owns to begin moving towards him by its own will, steered by its own small god and propelled by essence alone. For as long as the Essence remains committed, the ship will move toward the Solar using this Charm at a rate of about 10 miles per hour (or 250 miles per day, 2,000 miles per week, or 7,000 miles per month). The ship will not move through hazards or dangerous waters, nor will it ever collide with stationery objects or other ships. It will come as close as it can to the Solar while still remaining within waters that can support if. This Charm has no effect if the Solar is aboard the ship.

If the ship is fully crewed, its captain may make a (Wits+Sail) roll to either aid or hinder the ship’s travel. If he chooses to aid the ship, each success rolled increases its speed by one mile per hour (25 per day, 200 per week, or 700 per month). If he chooses to hinder its movement, each success reduces the ship’s speed by one mile per hour, to a minimum of 0. The Lawgiver gains no knowledge of whether the ship is crewed, or whether they are helping or hindering his ship. If he chooses to reuse this Charm (for example, if he suspects a rival captain is preventing his ship from reaching him), the captain must make a new roll to aid or slow the ship.

Resplendent Harbor Evocation
Cost: 5m
Mins: Sail 5, Essence 3
Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Spiritual Anchoring Prana

The Lawgivers need not seek harbors for their ships, for they can anchor them in Elsewhere itself, shattering the barrier between worlds for their own convenience. This Charm banishes a single ship that its user owns and is onboard to Elsewhere. They and anyone else onboard the ship float harmlessly down after the ship is banished, suffering no harm from landing on the water (or, if using Charms such as Sailing Strange Seas, the ground). This Charm’s user may choose to banish any objects onboard the ship that they own on the ship to Elsewhere along with it; those that they choose not to banish or do not own drift harmlessly down, and are buoyed up by essence for a number of minutes equal to the user’s Essence, prevented from sinking. A ship banished by this Charm can be called back at any time by using this Charm a second time to call it back from Elsewhere. However, a ship can only be summoned into a body of water capable of supporting it–it could not, for example, be summoned one hundred feet above a battlefield to crush an enemy army.

Sailing Strange Seas
Cost: 10m, 1wp
Mins: Sail 5, Essence 4
Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: One day
Prerequisite Charms: Perfect Reckoning Technique, Resplendent Harbor Evocation

Where the Sun’s Chosen choose to steer their ships, the seas well up to bear them. With this Charm, a Solar Exalted can sail anywhere he needs to. His ship is constantly borne by perfectly calm waters, no matter where he sails. If he sails over obstacles–even over dry land, buildings, or living things–those obstacles are temporarily and harmlessly shunted into Elsewhere as the ship passes through, the waters transposed over them. Once the ship moves away, they return to their original location, unharmed by their transposal. If the ship ever stops moving for longer than one long tick, it is immediately banished to Elsewhere, as with the Resplendent Harbor Evocation Charm, and any terrain or characters shunted into Elsewhere immediately return. While this Charm entirely negates the effects of harsh waters or terrain that would normally be impossible to sail over, it does not allow a ship to sail through barrier, sail on air, or other similar feats–it merely turns whatever terrain the ship sails over to a ship-sized patch of seas.

Wrathful Leviathan Admiralty
Cost: 20m, 1wp
Mins: Sail 6, Essence 6
Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Obvious
Duration: One day
Prerequisite Charms: Hull-Preserving Technique, Spiritual Anchoring Prana

The most feared weapons of the First Age Solars’ navies were not essence cannons, implosions bows, or similar artifact weaponry. Instead, they were the Lawgivers’ ships themselves, forged into all-destroying titans of war by their master’s Essence. This Charm transforms a ship into a giant war machine, with the statistics of a royal warstrider, and upgrades its user’s primary weapon into a warstrider-sized version. The warstrider comes with a number of artifact dots-worth of ancillary systems equal to the user’s Sail. The Lawgiver suffers no mobility penalties or fatigue from the warstrider, and treats it both as armor and natural soak. He need not attune to it.

However, the warstrider created by this Charm is only capable of traversing water, moving at the rate a normal royal warstrider could normally move over land. In addition, instead of having a single-pilot cockpit, the warstrider has additional control banks for the entire crew of the ship. Unless the warstrider is fully crewed, requiring the same amount as the ship normally does, it takes a penalty on all Dexterity-based dice pools equal to the number of crewmen it lacks, to a minimum dice pool of 0, but it can still move and operate with just a pilot (albeit at severe disadvantage). When this Charm is used, anyone wishing to leave the ship (for example, enemies) may do so as a reflexive action, jumping off-board or through a nearby porthole as the ship transforms. Anyone non-crew who do not or cannot leave the ship are bound within a compact, but essentially harmless prison of solidified essence within the warstrider. Any character capable of channeling Essence may attempt to escape the prison by making an Essence roll at a difficulty of your own Essence; doing so causes them to be forcibly but harmlessly ejected from the warstrider into the waters below.

In addition, this Charm interacts with many other Sail Charms, causing them to grant different benefits while the ship is transformed into a warstrider, as below:

Salty Dog Method and Invincible Admiral Method: These Charms remove external penalties from actions taken by the warstrider’s pilot.

Hull-Preserving Technique: This Charm can be used as a perfect defense to defend against any attack that can be parried. It carries no health level cost when used to do so.

Storm-Weathering Essence Infusion: The warstrider’s owner gains two bonus successes to his Dodge DV and Parry DV dice pools, as well as on all Resistance dice pools.

Sea Ambush Technique: The benefits of this Charm apply to the warstrider’s pilot instead of to a naval unit.

Bowsprit-Seducing Captain’s Blandishments: The increase to the maximum number of dice that can be added is applied to any Strength or Dexterity-based dice pool the warstrider’s pilot rolls.

Sailing Strange Seas: The warstrider gains all the benefits of this Charm, and as such is always treated as being in calm water.