View Full Version : Do DnD 3.5 rules exist for ligature and garrot attacks?

2009-03-28, 10:57 PM
Preferably rules that dont further complicate the grapple system or avoid it altogether (such as being based on a sneak attack or something).

2009-03-28, 11:15 PM
Yes, there are garrote rules in Complete Scoundrel. They do involve Grapple checks, though.

2009-03-28, 11:27 PM
Hmm...how about this...

A strangling attack is a special form of attack that can only be made against an opponent you could make a sneak attack against. It cant be used against creatures with neck protection, no neck, no need to breathe, or that are more than one size class larger than the attacker. If you suceed you deal the weapons damage+your strength modifier if any. Bonus sneak attack damage that rogues and whatnot get doesnt apply.

On the opponents turn they start by making a strength check with a DC equal to the value of the attack that started the strangulation+2+1/bonus sneak attack damage die (see, this is why you dont get sneak attack damage, the bonus comes in elsewhere instead). If they fail the check they may do nothing else this turn.

On subsequent turns the attacker may make no action but to continue the strangulation or release the target (free action). If he opts to continue the strangulation he makes a new attack roll. The attack automaticly hits but this sets a new difficulty for the victim's strength check next round.

Rogues, Assassins, and Shadowdancers as well as Drow automaticly have profeciancy with these weapons:

Simple - Ligature (rope, leather cord, chain) - crit x2, 20 - d4 damage (bludg, nonleathal)

Simple - Ligature (spiked chain, razor cord) - crit x2, 20 - d4 damage (pierce)

Exotic - Garrot Wire - crit x2, 19-20 - d6 (slashing)