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2009-03-29, 11:03 PM
Hey guys I was going to use this build for a friend but I need help with equipment of 15th LVL and instead of the point buy listed we're given a 46 point buy.

Here is the build borrowed from another forum:

Spiked chain builds are usually best off with a high Strength rather than focusing on Dex. Sneak attack is not a reliable source of damage, especially against undead. A spiked chain build is best used as a tripper for battlefield control, which allows your allies to get better positions on your opponents and gives you and your party better survivability. In that regard, you're probably best off sticking with Fighter and getting feats like (Greater) Weapon Specialization and Melee Weapon Mastery (PH2) rather than trying to rely on sneak attack. Add on an additional ability that hinders or debuffs your opponents, and every encounter your party will have a huge tactical advantage. This is completely different from what you originally had in mind, but this is what I would play given the thread title:

Human, Fighter 20// Dragonfire Adept 20
Armored Mage variant from Complete Mage

Str 16 (15 base, +1 at 4th)
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 8
Cha 15

Flaw: Shaky
1. Exotic Weapon: Spiked Chain, Combat Reflexes, Combat Expertise, Entangling Exhalation (RotD)
2. Improved Trip
3. Knock-Down (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/divine/divineAbilitiesFeats.htm#knockDown)
4. Weapon Focus: Spiked Chain
6. Weapon Specialization: Spiked Chain, Frightful Presence (Draconomicon)
8. Melee Weapon Mastery: Piercing (PH2)
9. Greater Weapon Focus: Spiked Chain
10. Power Attack
12. Greater Weapon Specialization: Spiked Chain, Ability Focus: Frightful Presence
14. (Fighter feat)
15. Defensive Sweep (PH2)
16. (Fighter feat)
18. Weapon Supremacy: Spiked Chain, (open feat)
20. (Fighter feat)

Invocations Known:
1. See the Unseen
2. Frost Breath
3. Endure Exposure
5. Weakening Breath
6. Frightful Presence
8. Draconic Flight
10. Thunder Breath
11. Terrifying Roar
12. Cloud Breath
13. Devour Magic
15. Force Breath
16. Greater Draconic Flight, replace Draconic Flight with Voidsense
18. Energy Immunity
20. Paralyzing Breath

Items: +1 Sweeping Spiked Chain, Amulet of Fearsome Might (Dragon Magic), Spiked +1 Mithril Breastplate, Armbands of Might, +1 Animated Mithril Light Shield, +2 Belt of Strength, +2 Vest of Resistance, +1 Ring of Protection

Strategy: Use your Dragonfire Adept breath attack as often as possible with Entangling Exhalation to keep as many opponents slowed as possible. If their movement speed is reduced they cannot even 5 ft step, so any movement they make provokes an AoO. Make AoOs whenever possible to trip your opponents, or just melee attack them and use Knock-Down to trip. You'll get +4 from Improved Trip, +2 for Sweeping, +2 for Armbands of Might, and +4 for Strength to trip. Put Endure Exposure on all your party members each day so they won't be affected by your breath attack.

Your Frightful Presence feat will stack with your Frightful Presence Invocation, Shaken opponents take a -2 to their save against the next one and will become Frightened if they fail and will try to flee, so they'll be slowed and you'll probably get AoOs and trip them. The -2 for being Shaken also applies to their opposed roll vs Trip, and Frightened opponents will have to get up and provoke more AoOs before they flee.

This makes a very powerful melee combatant, and with UMD and your Invocations you're a lot more versatile than a typical single-classed Fighter. Also remember that once you get Draconic Flight you'll be able to make diving attacks to deal double damage (MM p312, RotD p10, RotW p68). Don't worry too much about your breath attack DC, even if they make the save and take half damage they'll still be slowed, plus it ignores SR since it's a Supernatural ability. With slows and fear effects and tripping, the rest of your party should have an easy time of cleaning up any encounters.