View Full Version : Looking for some boss and miniboss fight music

2009-03-30, 02:18 PM
So the new voting thread got me some ideas. My players have a little trouble really getting into the game it seems, but lately, it's been getting better. I think I nice tough to draw them ever more in would be music for boss and miniboss fights. however, I don't know a lot of music, and what I do know I don't know where to find.

Since my setting is entirely homebrew, You won't be familiar with any of the races and classes, so I'll just give you a brief description of what they're like and what I'm looking for.

my only rule is no music from X-box games, as I'm such a nintendo fanboy listening to such will melt my face off as if I opened the ark of the covenant:smalltongue:

these first seven are minibosses. My characters are about to start their own privateer crew, and these are a bunch of optional pirates they can take down before moving on with the main story. they'll probably fight them all, though.

The first is your basic pirate-y guy, a dramatic swashbuckler. I already have a track from DKC2 in mind, but if you've got something better, I'd love to hear it.

It should be pirate-y, and as this will likely be the first guy they take on, it should be dramatic, but fall short of epic.

The second is a guy who's really good at racking up combos, and fights drunk. Something that flows well, and signifies brute force. it's ok for it to be not very serious.

the third is a crew who's ship doubles as a hot-air ballon, that they raise up and drop down on top of other ships. many members of their crew are of a winged race, and those that aren't can levitate. something with an air-y feel. it should be a little more dangerous than the first.

Practicioners of spellcraft (a dark art in my campaign world) who smuggle spell components. they of course fight with sorcery. Something that says "smite these heathens!" or has a creepy, dark arts-y feel to it. I've unlocked sound mode in aria of sorrow, and might pick something from that if nobody comes up with anything.

the fifth fights with primal brute force and ice, something cold and icy sounding, dramatic, and possibly tribal.

the sixth is an ok guy who became a pirate because he can down with a case of serious wanderlust, fights with water, mind powers, and martial arts. will offer to join their crew if they don't kill him. I'm thinking something that sings of adventure lust, I thought maybe the gerudo valley theme, but I was hoping for something less desert and more high seas.

the seventh is a clairvoient spellcaster who acts as exposition, revealing who killed one of the PC's parents as well as being a miniboss. this guy of course should be very dramatic and creepy. I was thinking about using the "illusionary song" or "bloody tears" from dawn of sorrow, but if anyone has anything creepier, but still fast-paced enough for combat, I'd like to know.

the eighth is a real boss, a giant flesh-stealing monstrosity from another dimension that dwarfs mountains and can kill my campaign word's equivilent of upper paragon level characters without breaking a sweat. an enemy they'll have to fight with brains, not brawn. the music should be fast-paced, dramatic, otherworldly, and very, very, scary.

the ninth, the final boss of this section of the campaign is a masked agent of a forgotten race that has great power over the energies at work in my campaign world. His race considers themselves sacred, and they summoned the eighth boss by mistake. he was sent to cover up this mistake so that nobody would learn they where flawed. when the PC's beat him to his life's work, he becomes furious and attacks. He uses stealth and all sorts of great powers and is capable of taking on a great deal of opponents at once. His music should be fast paced, epic, and above all mysterious. a tribal feel is preferred, maybe something with chanting. something jungle-y or aztec feeling would be nice.

any ideas?