View Full Version : 3.5 set of artifacts help?

2009-03-31, 03:40 AM
so, i ripped this idea out of Final Fantasy Tactics (re-released as war of the lions) but i need some help.

heres the art:

heres the ideas:
each one is passively inteligent, they just want to find someone with a strong need the paticular stone can fill. They don't use powers unless it's nessesary, so sometimes a usefull weilder will go years without knowing exactly what they have. however when the stones gather, the more there are within an undetermined distance of eachother, the more they reveal themselves.

Top clockwise:
Monsterous humanoid - gold with taurus symbol
-this stone can transform a holder into a ferall minotaur
- could grant a +4 Str bonus
- Holder appears as a minotaur to minotaurs, a centuar to centuars, and so on with simmilar creatures. So far this just means that Minotaurs from a nearby island keep asking if all mainland minotaurs are so small.

Abberation - brown with Beholder symbol
unknown stone, havent figured anything out yet.

Undead - black with Skull
- this is the most talkative stone, it has tutored a tribal kobold leader in necromancy, the strongest spell so far is 3rd level.
needs more stuf

Plant - green with plant
nothing figured out yet

Ooze - green with blob
here, i have nothing

Dragon - clear with clawed footmark
i figured a transformation, either an elementally appropreate for the moment, or a gray dragon that just hits with energy, not elemental breath.
possibly more.

Construct - central gear
I was thinking of a worker 8 scenario, like an ability to command constructs who don't have current orders or something. thoughts?

now from top, counter clockwise.
Positive element - White with sunburst
- grants good clerics +1 turn checks, and an extra spell of each level normally prepared.

negative element - black with dot
- i got nuthin'

water - blue with wave

earth - brown with diamond

fire - red with (dun dun dun) fire

air - yellow swirl
not sure

So i figure the actual elements could be the same thing just with a different element on each one, but it would be nice for some kind of difference. anyway, could anyone come up with some ideas for something to do with some of these? I'd appreciate it, and ya know, i may be inclined to thank you guys (and girls) and whatnot.