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2009-03-31, 06:41 PM
Etheric Atman (General)

Etheric atman is an ancient psionic ritual that works on the belief that the soul is created of two separate entities, the mind and the body. The psionicists formed this ritual in order to merge this dualistic nature of a creation toward the eventual perfection of a monistic state, and an exalted soul. This melding of insubstantial and substantial has a tremendous effect on a creature, forging a stronger mind and body, and in many individuals, awakening new awareness and new abilities.

The term etheric atman identifies specifically with the first, or lowest layer of an individual's aura, the anchor between the mind, the spirit, and the body, and lierally means soul surpassed in this context.

Prerequisites: Autohypnosis 10 ranks, Knowledge (psionics) 10 ranks, Psicraft 10 ranks, ability to manifest 4th level psionic powers
Benefits: With an intricate series of meditative rituals, you can alter the psionic resonances of your mind, body, soul, and aura–or those of a willing patient. Creation costs, XP, and time required are built into each etheric atman. If completed correctly, the etheric atman becomes a permanent supernatural effect.

An etheric atman is more or less a graft for the soul and the aura. It does not require any physical grafting and does not in fact take up any specific spot on the body. Further, an etheric atman is rarely visible, except to those that can see magical or psionic auras (detect magic, detect psionics, true seeing, etc), though on some occasions, the etheric atman has been documented to manifest itself fully into the physical world upon a particularly powerful or dramatic use of its abilities. Some etheric atman give circumstances or abilities in which its existence will be manifest to others; each specific etheric atman will describe under what conditions if any, this occurs.

A single creature can have one ehteric atman, plus one for every four hit dice or levels that it possesses (1+HD/4).

Example Etheric Atman

Breath of Kilas
Kilas was one of the Viper Lords of the Astral Plane millennia ago. This etheric atman was stolen from the yuanti hundreds of years ago by other psionicists. Your essence has become serpentine; your eyes become black orbs, and a mantle of hundreds of tiny vipers rests across your shoulders.
Effect: Your unarmed and natural strikes gain a poison attack (injury, DC 10+1/2 HD+Con mod, initial and secondary damage 1d8 Str); you gain a +4 to Fortitude saving throws against poisonous effects. If you already had a poison special attack, you instead gain a +2 to the saving throw DC of that attack.
Requires: truevenom
Caster Level: 7th
Cost: 25,000 gp

Dimensional Reach
Space bends and warps around you, and your image flares with pyschoportive energy with nearly every movement you make.
Effect: All teleportation powers that you manifest with a manifesting time of one full-round act become one standard act; those with a standard act manifesting time become move acts; those with move act manifesting times become swift acts; and those with swift act or immediate act manifesting times remain as such, but the first one used in any round does not count against the limit of one swift or immediate act per round.
Requires: teleport trigger
Caster Level: 18th
Cost: 200,000 gp

Flames of the Phoenix
A nimbus of shimmering flames surrounds you, in form somewhat like that of a great bird of prey.
Effect: +2 Charisma; 2/day-you can manifest body adjustment as a swift act; any kind of alignment check, aura check, or magical detection targeting you will reveal only your cloak of flames, in whatever color or colors you decide.
Requires: body adjustment
Caster Level: 7th
Cost: 35,000 gp

Your form seems to drift and coil like roiling smoke, dissipating here, and forming there, always shifting and insubstantial.
Effect: +4 Dexterity; 25% concealment constant, 50% if you have moved 10 feet or more in this round.
Requires: concealing amorpha
Caster Level: 9th
Cost: 45,000 gp

Hunger of the Void
A black shroud seems to cover your features, and when you attack another creature, the shroud seems to steal warmth and life from them.
Effect: Whenever you deal damage to another creature with any melee or melee touch attack, you regain one power point. If the damage was multiplied because of a critical hit, multiple the regained power points accordingly. You can never gain more power points than your normal maximum in this manner.
Requires: psychic vampire
Caster Level: 9th
Cost: 50,000 gp

Your skin hardens and takes on a transparent gray color with a molten orange sheen. Waves of heat rise from your body, and your blood seems to boil.
Effect: +2 natural armor; +2 fire damage to every attack with a melee or thrown weapon, including natural weapons and unarmed strikes; 2/day-you can manifest a 6d6 fire-based energy push (DC 16) as a swift act.
Requires: energy push
Caster Level: 12th
Cost: 65,000 gp

Raven's Cloak
Your hair becomes a crest of glossy black feathers that extends into a sweeping cloak worn about your shoulders.
Effect: +4 Wisdom; +4 Charisma; you can see invisible objects, and can use the Search skill while on the move without suffering any penalties; further, you are can speak, understand, read, and write all languages.
Requires: hypercognition
Caster Level: 16th
Cost: 180,000 gp

Transcendent Cognition
Your cast two shadows, and your eyes always show two pairs of irises and pupils superimposed over each other.
Effect: +4 Int; +2 Will saves; 2/day-you can manifest schism, though your second mind's manifester level is only two lower than your own.
Requires: schism
Caster Level: 14th
Cost: 100,000 gp

2009-03-31, 06:43 PM
i created these years ago, but am just barely getting around to typing them up. the prices and level requirements are somewhat arbitrary. i don't know of any system that wizards used to create the demon grafts and others, so i just wing it.

tell me what you think. also, if you think of any good ones, post them here and i'll add them to the list.

EDIT: forgot to say that this is one of a series of graft-like systems that i've made. check my homebrew sig for the others.

2009-04-01, 06:29 AM
I really like this concept, as I've always been a big fan of Grafts. Moving them from the physical to metaphysical makes alot of sense. I was wondering though since we're talking about spirtual energies, would they be physical on the Astral Plane? I don't mean in a physical like Iron sense.. but enough that they could be, say Attacked or Removed? Other than that. I'm really diggin' the idea and will probably use it in my next Psionic campaign.

2009-04-01, 04:46 PM
i have actually been toying with the idea that they would be visible on the astral plane, and maybe the ethereal as well. they still would not have any physical characteristics though, and nothing that could be attacked, sundered, etc. it is just an aura effect. but i might include the visibility thing...

2009-04-02, 03:26 AM
If you do go with Visable in Etheral/Astral, Then i think you should allow a Knowledge Psionics check to determine the particular Etheric Atman That charcter has grafted.

2009-04-03, 01:26 PM
If you do go with Visable in Etheral/Astral, Then i think you should allow a Knowledge Psionics check to determine the particular Etheric Atman That charcter has grafted.

good idea.