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2009-04-03, 10:02 PM
Dwarven Powered Gauntlet

One of my friends wanted "some sort of really cool dwarf steampunk weapon." The following is my attempt.

The dwarven powered gauntlet was an innovation in mining - though expensive, a single gauntlet let a dwarf pulverize his way through rock, crush stones, deal with chasms, and so on. Later on, several modifications were made to the design - just in case anyone tried to stop the dwarves from mining. Today, the powered gauntlet is a magnificent, deadly piece of dwarven history.

A Dwarven Powered Gauntlet is a single, huge, heavy metal glove, often decorated lavishly with scenes from dwarven history. The fingers of the glove are sharp, almost resembling claws. A closer inspection reveals a set of clockwork keys on the gauntlet's side, as well as numerous seams, catches, gears and other oddities hidden in the gauntlet's construction.

When wielded by someone nonproficient with this weapon, it functions as a locked spiked gauntlet. It counts as heavy armor.

When wielded by someone proficient, it has the following characteristics:

-Cannot be disarmed.
-Counts as heavy armor.
- Grants a +2 shield bonus to AC.
-+4 bonus on all Fort saves made by this object.
-As a swift action, the gauntlet can be put into on of the following modes, provided that the hand bearing the gauntlet is empty. If the gauntlet is used to hold an item, it cannot be in any mode. The other hand must also be free in order to switch modes.

Hammerfist Mode:

Hammerfist Mode locks the fingers of the Gauntlet into a heavy fist. While in this mode, the gauntlet deals functions as a one-handed bludgeoning weapon, dealing 1d8 damage (20/x2 crit). On a successful critical hit, the opponent must make a ref save (DC 10+STR mod) or be knocked prone.

As a standard action, you may extend the heavy pistons at the rear of the gauntlet, in order to store up deadly force. This requires a free hand. While these are extended, you may, after any attack with this weapon that deals damage, make a free Bull Rush attempt against the target struck that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. You, however, cannot move along with the Bull Rushed target. Once this ability is used, the pistons must again be extended before it can be used again.

If you wield the gauntlet in two hands, the fist can be launched: as a standard action, you may make a single melee attack with this weapon on any target within 30 feet. The fist automatically retracts itself on a heavy chain.

Crushing Hand Mode:

Crushing Hand Mode opens the fingers of the guantlet, allowing them to open and close. In this mode, the wielder receives a +4 bonus on opposed attack rolls made to disarm an enemy . If successful, you may choose to grab hold of the weapon, as though you were unarmed. If you choose this option, you may, as a free action directly following a successful disarm attempt, make a sunder attempt on the grabbed item. This deals 2d10+STR modifier damage to the grabbed item, and this damage ignores 5 hardness. You may also make this sunder attempt on any object held in the gauntlet as a standard action. While in this mode, you may hold an item in order to use the gauntlet's crushing abilities, though it cannot be used in any way. A potion held in the gauntlet for example, cannot be drunk, nor can a sword be struck with. You may lose the benfits of this mode to use any item held in the gauntlet.

The gauntlet can crush bones as well as steel. If you are in a grapple while in this mode, you gain the Contstrict ability. This deals 1d4 damage, and also deals 1 point of CON damage provided the creature has a discernible anatomy.

If you wield this weapon two-handed, you may launch the hand, attached to a heavy chain. As a standard action, you may make a ranged touch attack against any target within 120 feet. If this attack hits, the target is grabbed. You may not use your gauntlet for any purpose while you have a target grabbed. As a swift action, you may release the target. This also reels in your gauntlet, rendering it ready for use. A DC 20 STR check by the grabbed target will also release the gauntlet. See below for details:

1)If the target grabbed is a heavy or immovable object, such as a wall or boulder, you may, as a move action, command the gauntlet to reel in. This moves you up to 60 feet directly toward the grabbed target (through the air if necessary). When this results in you arriving in a square directly adjacent to the grabbed object, you may no longer use the reel command. When you first arrive adjacent to the grabbed target, you may release the gauntlet as a free action, rather than a swift. If the target is larger than you, you may instead choose to move into its square and not release the gauntlet. As long as you do not release the gauntlet, you automatically succeed on a climb check to cling to the target (if it is mobile, you move with it). The target grabbed, if mobile, may move freely up to 120 feet from you: more chain will extend in order to accommodate it. A target attempting to move more than 120 feet away must make an opposed STR check against you. If it is successful, you move a distance equal to the grabbed target and directly toward it. If you are successful, it cannot move.

2)If the target grabbed is a movable, reasonably weighted item, such as a chest or wand, you may reel it towards you as a move action. This moves it 60 feet directly towards you. When it arrives in a square adjacent to you, you may release it as a free action, rather than a swift. If the object can be held in one hand, you may instead choose to reel it directly to you, and hold it in the gauntlet.

3)If the target grabbed is a creature, make an opposed STR check. If you win, you treat the creature grabbed as movable object (type 2, above). If you fail, you treat it as a large object (type 1, above).

Spikeshot Mode:

While in this mode, you may fire the pointed fingers of the gauntlet, attached to thin chains, at your foes. As a full round action, you may make up to five attacks. Treat each attack as a thrown dart. You may attack up to five targets with these attacks ( for example, you could hit five goblins once each, or one goblin five times, or so on). Each target of this ability must be within 20 feet of you, and may be no more than 20 feet from the furthest other target of this ability. The fingers automatically retract.

Drill Mode:

When in this mode, the fingers of the gauntlet point towards each other, and the fron half of the gauntlet spins rapidly to form an impromptu drill. Treat this as a one-handed melee weapon that deals 1d4 piercing damage (18-20/x3 crit). On a critical hit, the gauntlet ignores half of the target's DR and hardness, and reduces the target's DR and hardness by 2.

Thoughts? Prices? Mockery?

2009-04-04, 04:47 AM
I like it. Especially the Drill Mode. :smallbiggrin:

2009-04-04, 08:28 AM
Kinda reminds me Franky from One Piece series. And Full Metal Alchemist as well.

Pretty cool, but it could use a bit of fluff and polish on top :)