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2009-04-04, 03:58 PM
As we all know, the Arcane Swordsage is widely viewed as a majorly broken class, for whatever reason. So, I decided to try my hand at a basic homebrew, that is pretty much the Arcane Swordsage in concept, and sort of fits with the mechanics. However, I based it more off the warblade(due to it being avaliable on the wizards website). Its pretty basic, so here goes:

Wizard 2.0
HD: d6
Skills: As normal.
Weapon Proficiencies: As normal
Spells: There are two kinds of spells, Basic Spells, and Advanced Spells. Basic spells are treated as maneuvers, regained through meditation(See below). Advanced spells are spent differently, and are covered below.
{table]Basic Spell Level|Advanced Spell Level|Class Level
Basic Spells: You have one of the highest level of basic spell, two of the next highest, three of the next highest, etc. For example, at level 17 you have 1 level 6 basic spell, 2 level 5 basic spells, 3 level 4 basic spells, 4 level 3 basic spells, 5 level 2 basic spells, 6 level 1 basic spells, and 7 level 0 basic spells.

Advanced Spells: You know one of the highest level of advanced spell, two of the next highest, three of the next highest, etc. However, count basic spells as used slots. Think of it as a pyramid. For example at level 17, a Wizard will have the following load out. B indicates a basic spell, A and advanced spell.
A8, A8
A7, A7, A7
B6, A6, A6, A6
B5, B5, A5, A5, A5
B4, B4, B4, A4, A4, A4
B3, B3, B3, B3, A3, A3, A3
B2, B2, B2, B2, B2, A2, A2, A2
B1, B1, B1, B1, B1, B1, A1, A1, A1
B0, B0, B0, B0, B0, B0, B0, A0, A0, A0

Advanced spells take two rounds to cast, plus one round for every spell level they are beyond the highest level basic spell. For instance, at level 17 a level 9 spell costs 5 rounds to cast, as well as spending a spell slot. Outside of combat, advanced spells take 1 minute per level to cast, and still spend a spell slot. If in a situation where adrenaline would be similar to that of combat, advanced spells take as long to cast as in combat, as adrenaline is fueling them.

Meditation: A wizard can spend one full round meditating to regain all basic spells. This provokes opportunity attacks.

2009-04-06, 02:56 AM
Is this a Wizard or a Swordsage rebuild? You seem to use the two interchangeably. How does this class learn spells? As a sorcerer would? This class strikes me more of a swordsage/sorc rebuild than a wizard one. The class sounds like it would be very hit or miss - particularly when it comes to high level spell slots. Dampening their use is good, but 5 rounds to cast one means ... the battle will probably be over before you get to cast it. Also, you gain no further spells beyond level 17? This build is certainly less powerful than the regular arcane swordsage, but is also much, much less so than a sorcerer. Was that your intention?

Its a noble attempt, but I'm not sure the whole "arcane swordsage" thing is salvageable. Arcane spells just aren't meant to have unlimited use.