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2009-04-06, 01:39 PM
Well, the moment we've all been waiting for has arrived - the hybrid/dual-classed characters playtest article (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/drfe/20090406) is finally up.

As it turns out, it's about what I expected. You pick two "Hybrid Classes" (Hybrid Cleric, etc.), which are sort of half-classes (they gain fewer hit points, not all of their class abilities, etc.), but you get to pick two of them. You get the HP and defense bonuses and stuff of both classes, and you can choose powers from both (though they have to be even). Armor proficiency is limited to what both classes give, but weapons are from either class, and you can use any implement from either class for any Implement powers. All-in-all, it's not the most elegant system, but it looks decent so far (at this early stage).

A Cleric/Ranger, for instance, could look like this.


Focus is on Strength (so youíre a melee Ranger and a Battle Cleric). One problem, of course, is that you don't get the Ranger's TWF ability, so you're not as good as a normal TWF ranger (though you can still choose the powers). Secondary score is Wisdom, since it helps both classes. Then Dex and/or Cha, then Con and Int.

HP at 1st Level: 6 (Hybrid Cleric) + 6 (Hybrid Ranger) = 12
HP per Level: 2 + 2 = 4
Surges per Day: 3 + 3 = 6
Defenses: +1 Fort or Ref, +1 Will
Armor: Cloth, Leather, Hide. (No chainmail, since Rangerís canít use it.)
Weapons: Simple and military ranged and melee
Implements: Holy Symbols

Skills: 3 from either class, plus one extra from Ranger

Features: Healerís Lore, Healing Word (Hybrid), Hunterís Quarry (Hybrid)

The Healing Word (Hybrid) power is just like healing word, but itís only usable once per encounter. The Hunterís Quarry (Hybrid) feature is just like the standard version, but is only usable when you hit your quarry with a Ranger (or Ranger PP) power.

At-Will: righteous brand, priest's shield, twin strike
Encounter: healing strike
Daily: hunter's bear trap

Now, at level three, you'd have to choose a Ranger encounter power to even up your attack powers to have half from each class.

Any other thoughts on this? Like it, dislike it?

EDIT: Aw, and YPU ninja'd me with another thread while I was writing up this one. Feel free to merge them or whatever.

EDIT 2: Okay, so looking back through the article there's ALSO a feat you can take (Hybrid something-or-other) that basically gives you another class feature from one of your classes. Sounds good to me.

2009-04-06, 02:11 PM
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