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2009-04-06, 02:36 PM
Hey, i've been researching a spell with my character in a campaign i've just started up, and my DM and i are unsure what level spell this would qualify as; some critisicm on this would be nice.

enchantment school
Range: touch
Duration: 1 minute per caster level

Effect: The target of the spell is immidiately enshrouded by magics of potent enchantment, causing all who view them to react in sudden and uncontrollable rage. The caster can designate up 1 character per 2 caster levels to be immune this spells effects, but otherwise all who see the affected being react accordingly.

Those seeing the object or being who the spell has been cast upon must make a will save (if the target is an ally they gain a +4 bonus to their will save to resist its effects) or Fully and uncontrollably assault the target to their fullest. This does not mean they will react suicidally; a wizard will still cast spells and an archer will fire arrows rather than charging forward. However, to cast a spell that does not outright damage or kill the opponent (such as the use of hold person or grease) the target must first succeed on another will save or be forced to unleash their most damaging abilities.