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2009-04-08, 02:48 PM
I don't know about you, but I find mini-games around building character stats to be amusing and fun.

Ying-Yang stats involves the player picking a pair of stats repeatedly. Each time, the player picks two stats -- a Ying and a Yang stat. They then roll dice.

The stats end up in balance -- one is as high as the other is low. Which is which is something the player cannot predict until fate decides.

For extra amusement, each phase is different.

Each phase tends to have lower variance than the last: the first phase is the most likely one to have an extreme stat in it.

Finally, the last step adds some 'randomness' to break the symmetry.

Variations of this are pretty easy to work out, if you think the averages produced are too high.

Ying-Yang Stats

Step 1: Pick your first Ying-Yang stat pair. Call one Ying, the other Yang.

Roll 2d6. Add 6 to the roll: This is your first Ying stat.
Subtract the roll from 20. That is your first Yang stat.

(Range: 8-18. Average: 13)

Step 2: Pick your second Ying-Yang stat pair.

Roll 3d10, drop the highest and lowest. The middle one is your roll.

Add 9 to it. That is your second Ying stat.
Subtract it from 19. That is your second Yang stat.

(Range: 10-18. Average: 13.5)

Step 3: Pick your third Ying-Yang stat pair.

Roll 4d6, drop the higest and lowest. Add 6. This is your 3rd Ying stat.
Subtract from 20. This is your 3rd Yang stat.

(Range: 8-18. Average: 13)

Step 4: Write down your stats in order, 1st then 2nd then 3rd etc. Roll 3d6.

If the stat was < 10 before adding, add 2 to the stat.
If the stat was < 15 before adding, add 1 to the stat.
If the stat was < 18, add 1 only if you roll doubles. Reroll all solo dice that land on a stat >= 15.