View Full Version : New Challange for Monster/class makers

2006-08-23, 11:30 PM
I got a campaign Idea that is more urbanized. I cant homebrew **** for my life. So I'll ask you for 2 Monsters, a class, and a Template. I'll post details tomorrow.

Death Elemental.
Metal Elemental (self explanatory)
Urban Druid (preferably not Peice of crap.)
Clockwork Template (for Urban Druid compainions.)

The Demented One
2006-08-23, 11:35 PM
For Death Elemental, check Libris Mortis. They've got a Necromental template. I believe Vorpal Tribble's already done a clockwork template. As for the Urban Druid, I assume you've already seen the one from the Dragon Compendium?

2006-08-23, 11:40 PM
When I first glanced at the list I thought I saw 'death metal elemental'. ;D

And I take it from the clockwork companion thing that your urban druid is... well, a technodruid? Not just 'nature's agent in the urban sprawl'? I'm not sure what existing urban druid it is that you're not impressed with (d20srd.org doesn't have one among its list of variant classes), but I do know that the "Lords of Terrain" web enhancement to The Quintessential Druid (http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/d20/detail.php?qsID=14&qsSeries=8) has a City Adaptation. I think it's 3.0 though...

Anyway, those are my thoughts at first glance; I might have a look at actually doing the 'brewing' a bit later. :)

2006-08-23, 11:53 PM
I'll work on the metal elemental. However, I've always despised the concept of the urban druid. Druid: Divine caster who feels more in-tune with nature than with civilization.

Why not just make a barbarian who lived his life in a noble house? Or a bard who couldn't inspire an upstart? Or a wizard who never studies?

Foolish, I say.