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2006-08-11, 01:57 AM
I've wanted to try and stat this out for a while.

This massive weapon is actually a combination of six different swords. Each sword is made from adamantine and grants Deflect Arrow, but has varying properties:

This +1 mighty cleaving, speed greatsword forms the core of the First Tsurugi. As a move action, it can be switched from normal form to battle form. In battle form, the edges of the blade split apart to reveal ports and notches where the other swords can be attached. Locking in or removing any number of swords is a standard action. A removed sword is drawn into a free hand or placed into a holster. Vigilante adopts any bonuses from the swords it contains, and the effects stack. The wielder automatically benefits from Monkey Grip as if Vigilante were a Large longsword.

This keen vorpal bastard sword forms the cutting edge of the First Tsurugi. It is a hollow blade, in the shape of a V from above.

Merciless and Avenger
These twin +1 wounding longswords fit on the back of the sword, completing the basic shape of First Tsurugi's blade.

Ascalon and Sidewinder
These +1 defending shortswords are attached to the back of the sword, atop Merciless and Avenger.

When all six swords have been combined, they form the complete First Tsurugi:

First Tsurugi
+5 defending, wounding, vorpal, keen, mighty cleave, speed fullblade.
Weight: 26 pounds
Once per week, the wielder may use the following:
Omnislash version 5: On the wielder's next full attack action against an enemy of opposing alignment, First Tsurugi's enhancement bonus becomes +10 and the wielder gains additional attacks at their lowest AB, to a total maximum of 5 attacks. All six swords are then disengaged and fall randomly around the target (at adjacent spaces).

2006-08-11, 07:39 AM
The Logic Ninja will kill me for saying this, but this reminds me of Clouds sword from Advent Children.

Wait, thats the point.

I challenge you now to make the following for a D&D game:
1) the one winged angel template
2) kadaj's double blade
3) clouds motorbike
4) the velvet nightmares (the guns that loz and yazoo and, possibly kadaj have)
5) the lifestream
6) geostigma disease

2006-08-11, 09:52 AM
No good at monsters... But Fenrir, the bike, would probably be a non-intelligent Construct mount (10' space) capable of high speed travel (idk how fast they were going but compared to a horse its high enough for DnD) at 65 miles each hour or 60' in combat. Maximum capacity is 1500 pounds, and it doesn't suffer from load capacities (light, medium, heavy). At a command word, Fenrir's back compartment opens to holster the six swords of the First Tsurugi. Any ride attempts receive a +4 bonus due to the bike's improved handling, and receive the benefits from an exotic military saddle. Falling off the saddle causes four times as much damage from high speeds. The DC of fighting actions on Fenrir is reduced by 2.

Geostigma would be a moderate Str and Con disease, ending with death and has no cure other than being healed by direct contact with the lifestream or its rain-like manifestations. The sores (wasn't it something like Star Scar in Japan?) would be a telltale sign of the disease. It is only given to those with Jenova cells.

Souba, the double blade, would be an improved bastard sword: 1d12, with an 18-20/x3 for its extra blade. Can only be used by itself in one hand, or else an extra -2 penalty to attacks. This wouldn't apply to similar reproductions of the sword. +2 to disarm attempts, both to make and resist, from snaring the opponent's blade.

More later...

2006-08-11, 11:42 PM
hertes what I thougfht for the one winged angel template

one winged angel

this template can be applied to any human or elf, provided they qualify for the template. the requirements are
@ be human or an elf
@ the campaign must have some sort of history of a one winged angel
@must have made contact with a calamity from the skies and grafted part of its body onto yours

the one winged angel gains the following abilities
@immunity to the disease geostigma (ex) the one winged angel is not only immune to the effects of geostigma, he IS the source of geostigma
@"I will never be a memory" (Su) if the one winged angel is reduced to - 10 hitpoints, he does not die. instead, he loses the one winged angel template and all its abilities. the base creature is then left at a quarter of their original hitpoints
@flight of the one wing.(ex) the OWA gains a wing sprouting from their left shoulder. they can fly at twice their land speed with perfect manuverability and may fight in mid air with any weapons they are carrying. the OWA's flight speed is not affected by thier weight or the weight of any equipment
@ proficencies (normal). the OWA gains the ability to use any sword-like weapons, as well as the OWAs signature weapon the masamune. the OWA does not gain any extra armour proficencies
@ lifestream weakened (normal). the OWA is weakened by the lifestream and its manifestations. when in an area that contains the lifestream manifested (example, aeriths temple), the OWA is treated as being subject to the effects of geostigma
@ reunion (ex) if the OWA is ever defeated (see "I will never be a memory") the base creature will relentlessly hunt down remnants of the calamity from the skes to perform a "reunion". the base creature is treated as if under the geas/quest spell, withn no chance of the geas being dispelled. during this time, the base creature has geostigma, yet does not suffer from it (fluff in other words)
@ only one (normal): there can never be more than one creature with this template in one current divergence of the timestream. should there ever be another OWA from the other path of the timestream, the OWA is alerted of this fact and will hunt down the alternate OWA
@ cohorts: the OWA has two cohorts who would qualify for the template accompany him at all times. both of them are equipped with velvet nightmares and one of them has a wrist drill. the OWA does not have anymore cohorts and cannot gain any more than these two

2006-08-12, 12:58 AM
My try at it. Original base is the evil version of the Saint:

Sephiroth, the One-Winged Angel template
After a willing character with Jenova cells directly absorbs some of the original cells from the Jenova creature, the character metamorphosizes into a more powerful incarnate of Jenova, Sephiroth himself. With this frightening change, the character gains immense strength, and hopes to complete the transformation by directly absorbing the Lifestream. The physical and special boons come at the cost of a loss of understanding and emotion. One on Sephiroth incarnate may exist at one time, with Sephiroth choosing between the new and old ones (picking the stronger one).
Adopts all memories, skills, and personality of Sephiroth, becoming Sephiroth in the process. DM controls Sephiroth as an NPC. Race changes to human.

Becomes an Outsider (extraplanar). Alignment becomes Chaotic Evil.

Immune to energy, death effects, poison, disease, mind effects, ability damage/drain, sleep (fatigue and exhaustion as well), fear, and petrification.

All damage dealt is non-lethal.

Low-light vision, blind-sight 10'.

+2 DC to all special attacks, spells, supernatural, spelllike, & extraordinary abilities.

+5d10 temporary hitpoints.

Str +12, Dex +8, Con +10, Wis -4, Cha -4

Gain Fast Healing (HD/2).

Protective Aura 20 radius nimbus of darkness that can be activated as a Free Action. Acts as a double strength Magic Circle against Good and a Less Globe of Invulnerability.

May cast Charm Person/Monster or Scrying at will on any creature with Jenova cells, DC 27. Immunity to such an effect grants a +3 bonus to save, but is otherwise useless as the Jenova cells betray and weaken such immunities in the body. May also cast touch spells through them, if in 60'. Can also apply a spell with range of personal to all of them, one spell effect at a time, if in 60'.

Gains a single black feathered wing, fly at 60'(perfect).

+4 to initiative checks.

+6 insight bonus to AC (stacking).

Gain Deflect Arrow, can use once per round for each point of Dex modifier.

DR 15/good or First Tsurugi (Omnislash is instant kill).

No longer suffers from geostigma.

At will - darkness, unholy blight, blasphemy, unholy aura, time stop (CL = HD)

Manifests Masamune during transformation, a Huge +5 speed vorpal wounding adamantine bastard sword. Treat it as evil and chaotic when bypassing DR. The character may only wield this sword, and through Sephiroth's training being carried into the character, they are automatically proficient with it and may use it in one hand with no difficulty. Coup de graces with Masamune are made as a full attack action with no AoO. Threatens as a 10' reach weapon, may attack adjacent enemies.

Loses any shield and armor proficiencies.

Double light/medium/heavy/max load capacities, as well as lift and drag.

When killed, this template is removed and the character is rendered staggered and exhausted with 1d10 HP left. All spells slots or prepared spells, if any, are used up. All spell effects end instantly.

Good and conjuration(healing) spells receive a +6 DC vs. Sephiroth. Any positive energy healing is done as damage, lethal damage despite the ability that makes all damage nonlethal, instead. Negative energy heals.

LA +(big), must be acquired during game

2006-08-13, 01:12 AM
How about the *other* One Winged Angel?

-You know, Safer Sephiroth (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/20/Final_Fantasy_VII_-_Sephiroth_Six_Wings.jpg).

2006-08-14, 12:28 AM
this post is based on the advent children sephiroth, not the FF7 one. thats why I put in the cohorts for the one winged angel.

heres something i thought of yesterday
-superhero subtemplate
when a template is aquired, you may apply this one as well. there are no qualifications for this subtemplate.

command word (su) when a command word is spoken, the base creature may apply the other template. (eg, the one winged angels command sentance is "my renunion, that you are dying to watch")
dismissal word (su) this works as the command word ability, but removes the template temporarily (unless the templates requirements need to be fufilled before reassuming the template) (the one winged angels dismissal sentance is "i will...never be a memory". a variant of this is a dismissal action. sephiroths dismissal action is to wrap himself in his wing and the feathers fly away)

this is to make superheroes plausible for any game situation (otherwise, superman would be walking around, always super)

edit: I'm surprised that the logic ninja hasn't come and said how much he dislikes final fantasy

2006-08-14, 06:38 PM
That's a good idea.

-"Shazam" POW!

2006-08-23, 08:27 PM
bump for commenting. please comment on our one winged angel templates and try to do the challenges i set out.