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2009-04-11, 09:45 PM
Nerkosi (CR: 10)

Nerkosi are a type of mosquitos from the positive energy plane. On their home plane, they are harmless points of light floating in the air, however, when they are brought to other planes, through whichever means, they become ferocious predators, forcefully inserting their plane's energy in all they notice. While at first the Nerkosi's aid might seem beneficial, as it heals wounds and strengthens, they continue filling their victims with energy until they literally explode.

A hostile swarm of Nerkosi superficially resembles a swarm of dwarf-fist sized hungry mosquites, however, their see through and glowing nature shows their origin. As does their total disregard for material barriers and mundane weaponry.

Sadly enough, at the end of each Spring, a bunch of these swarms seem to crop up at some swamps on the material plane, leaving a trail of death in their wake.

Dimunitive Vermin (Swarm, Incorporeal, Extraplanar)
HD: 16d8+32 (104)
Speed: 50 ft. fly (Perfect)
AC: 18 (+4 size, +2 dexterity, +2 deflection [cha])
Base Attack/Grapple: +12/NA
Attack: Positive energy injection (see description)
Space/Reach: 10 ft. square, no reach
Special attacks: Positive energy injection
Special qualities: Vermin traits, swarm traits, incorporeal traits, Spell resistance 20, vulnerability to negative energy, illuminative
Saves: +12 fort, +7 ref, +6 will
Abilities: str: -; dex: 15; con: 14; int: -; wis: 12; cha: 14
Environment: Positive Energy Plane
Organization: Swarm (1-4 Nerkosi)
Treasure: none
Alignment: Always neutral
Advancement: 17-32 HD
Level Adjustment: NA

Positive energy injection
Instead of the swarm attack of most swarms, those who share a space with a Nerkosi at the end of a Nerkosi's turn gain 2d4 temporary hit points. These hit points last until they are removed through damage. However, each round when the combined total of normal hit points and temporary hit points from this effect exceed the creature's normal max hit points, they are required to succeed on a fortitude saving throw of DC 25 or die due to an energy overload.

Vulnerability to negative energy
Any effect that deals negative energy damage to a Nerkosi automatically bypasses it's Spell Resistance and deals double damage. In addition, a Nerkosi can be turned/rebuked by clerics as though it was a deathless of 12 hit dice.

A Nerkosi spreads full illumination in a radius of 50 ft. centered on itself, and shadowy illumination in a radius of 150 ft. centered on itself.

The Blackbird
2009-04-11, 11:14 PM
Hmmm, I could use this creature as a healing strategy for a large amount of enemies for the PC's.

Or I could make advantage of it as a PC, any idea on if it could be a summon monster spell? What level of Summon Monster would it be?

This also reminds me of a time were I was in a campaign and the enemy we were fighting could only heal, put if we over healed double our max hit points we would explode, so we ended up stabbing ourselfs to live.

As an actual suggestion, is'nt a DC 25 or die a little high for a CR 10 creature? It would totally destroy wizards. Or is that the point?