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2009-04-13, 07:15 PM
Originally submitted for Monster Competition XXXII.

Medium abberation (Psionic, Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 1d8 (4 hp)
Initiative: +1
Speed: 30 ft(6 squares)
Armor Class:10 (no modifiers), 10 touch, 10 flat-footed
Base Attack/Grapple: +1/+1
Attack: Metal dice +1 (1d6/20) or metal die +2 ranged (1d6/20)
Full Attack: Metal dice +1 (1d6/20) or metal die +2 ranged (1d6/20)
Space/Reach: 5 ft/5 ft
Special Attacks: None
Special Qualities: Genre savvy, life's a game, dedicate avatar, light vulnerability
Saves: Fort -1, Ref +1, Will +6
Abilities: Str 8, Dex 12, Con 8, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 8
Skills: Knowledge (arcana) +5, Knowledge (religion) +5, Knowledge (psionics) +5, Spellcraft +5, Psicraft +5, Use Magic Device +3, Use Psionic Device +3
Feats: None
Environment: Urban
Organization: Solitary or group (2-8 plus one leader of 3rd-5th level)
Challenge Rating: 1/2
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Usually lawful neutral
Advancement: By character class
Level Adjustment: +15[/B]

This creature appears to be a normal human, if somewhat out of shape.

Gamers speak Common, and a variant thereof that makes heavy use of abbreviations and technical terms.

Gamers are almost always from planes with the dead magic attribute. Beyond that, they share few common traits.


Gamers are not normally combatants and typically flee if confronted.

Genre Savvy (Ex): Gamers posess an understanding of what they term "fantasy worlds" rivaling that of even deities. While on any plane that does not posess the dead magic attribute, a gamer constantly has the benefits of aura sight, psionic identify, and ubiquitous vision. Furthermore, a gamer gets a +2 competence bonus to Sense Motive and Diplomacy checks involving creatures from such a plane.

Life's a Game (Ps): When they form a group, gamers gain the ability to warp reality itself. When at least three gamers are able to be in constant communication, each gains one of the following sets of at-will psi-like abilities (only one may take the dungeon master abilities):
*Cheater: fate of one, remote viewing, psychofeedback
*Roleplayer: attraction, call to mind, mind switch
*Dungeon Master: reality revision, genesis, true creation
*Humorist: deja vu, id insinuation, affinity field
*Combatant: telekinetic maneuver, psychic crush, ultrablast

Dedicate Avatar (Ps): A gamer may designate any sentient creature available as a player race with equal or lower HD as an avatar. This avatar may, at any time that the gamer has the benefits of the life's a game ability, be subjected to psionic dominate (no save) or dimension swap by the gamer. The gamer may only have one avatar at a time, and this avatar must be slain before the gamer may choose another.

Light Vulnerability (Ex): Gamers are used to darkness, or at least low-light conditions. If exposed to bright light, they must make a Concentration check (DC 10 for morning sun, 15 for high noon, 20 for sun directly in face, normal save DC for spells such as flare or daylight) each round or be dazed.

Abberation Traits:
* Darkvision out to 60 feet.
* Proficient with all simple weapons.
* Aberrations eat, sleep, and breathe.


{table=head]Knowledge (arcana), knowledge (psionics) or bardic knowledge DC|Lore
20|This is a gamer. These creatures entertain themselves in a way that can reshape reality.
25|Each individual seems to possess a different set of powers.
30|These creatures have an understanding of reality rivaling that of deities.[/table]

Plot Hooks
*The PCs overhear someone describing their actions. It turns out to be a set of these creatures, each of which has taken one of them as an avatar.
*At regular intervals, there are substantial changes in the world. The PCs discover that a group of these creatures has been meeting during each change.

2009-04-13, 11:06 PM
Gamers have average physical stats and above-average Cha?

2009-04-13, 11:32 PM
And should have light vulnerability.

2009-04-13, 11:59 PM
Would it be cliché to be utterly baffled by the positive Charisma modifier?

2009-04-14, 09:34 AM
Well, the high Cha is supposed to be a side effect of being Genre Savvy; they have a deeper insight into a character's motivations and can manipulate them better. But I see your point. I'll change Cha to 8 and make it a competence or insight bonus.

And aversion to light... I might work with that.

2009-04-14, 06:05 PM
Oh, and the challenge rating is way too low. CR 1/2 monsters are mostly meant to be used in groups, but three of these things together can use nigh-epic spells at will.

Baron Corm
2009-04-15, 01:48 AM
Yeah... with Dedicate Avatar, they're at least CR (level you get mind blank). The only way to beat these guys is to be immune to mind-affecting.

What is the caster level for the psi-like abilities?

2009-04-15, 02:09 AM
Would it be cliché to be utterly baffled by the positive Charisma modifier?

In the same vein of this question: Would it be cliché to be utterly baffled by the positive Wisdom modifier?

2009-04-15, 01:35 PM
Note: If they hail from planes with dead magic, perhaps they should have the [Extraplanar] Subtype. Also...

Full Attack: Metal dice +1 (1d6/20) or metal die +2 ranged (1d6/20) ~Bold edited.