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2009-04-14, 10:37 PM
This is an Epic destiny for any character. This is the first time I've tried doing an epic destiny, so it might be horrible. Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

The Sentinel

You have lived your life well. Your name is the stuff of myths and legends, and your powers rival that of the god's. Perhaps you are a particularly important servant of your deity, or perhaps you have caught the eye of a particular deity. Either way, one morning you wake up to find your aging body has been returned to it's prime, but you cannot move. A smiling being sits at the end of your bed.

Within time you learn that that being is the Avatar of a God, whether it be the great Pelor or the King of Dragons Bahamut. You have been chosen as that deity's Sentinel, to guard that deity and his/her Chosen for all time.

When a deity that opposes yours is there, you are there, magical weapons and artifacts ready. When a deadly demon threatens to snuff out the existence of your deity's Chosen, you are there.

You are the Sentinel.

21st level
Wisdom 14
Charisma 18

The Sentinel
21st|Divine Spark, Divine Intercession
24th|Immortal Body
27th|Unbreakable Will
30th|Infused with Wrath[/table]

Divine Spark: At 21st level, you gain the ability to use True Resurrection on yourself once a day.

Divine Intercession: (Ex) At 21st level, you gain the ability to add your total character level to your choice of one save, Damage reduction, or resistance. This is chosen when you become 21st level and cannot be changed. The bonus also increases as your character level increases.

Chosen's Secret: At 24th level, you gain the ability to use Miracle as a spell-like ability 1/day. You do not have to pay the XP cost.

Unbreakable Will: At 27th level, once per day, you bring yourself from any number of negative hitpoints (even past -10) all they way up to full health. You also gain the benefit of Greater Restoration.

Infused with Wrath: At 30th level, once per day, you can declare yourself to be "Infused with Wrath." This is a free action. The next time you deal damage to any enemy, maximize the damage roll and then double it. This is unavoidable.

Utopia: (Role-playing, good) After centuries, eons, serving your god, you have enough power and wisdom to permanently rid the world of suffering. The deities do as well, but they lack the will. You do not. You create the perfect utopia, not one without suffering, but one where all are treated equally and with kindness and understanding. Though evil gods seek to destroy this utopia, your eons guarding your god have served you well. Under your command, the utopia is unassailable.

Tyranny: (Role-playing, evil) After centuries, eons, serving your god, you have enough power and wisdom to permanently rid the universe of all other deities. You usurp their portfolios and powers and rule the universe with an iron fist.

Neutral characters can choose either.

2009-04-15, 05:58 PM
why would lolth want a lawful or neutral good sentinel? i am confused about that; feel free to tell me what i'm missing.

also, the abilities really just don't seem epic enough to me. really, there aren't any actual abilities per se, just a bunch of buffs. as far as i am concerned, an epic destiny should give you new abilities, new things that you can do, not just do some of the stuff that you already could better. there can be some of that, but the rest needs to be new mechanics, new powers.

2009-04-15, 06:08 PM
The question is not why Lolth would want a Lawful Good or Neutral Good creature as a prime servant, the real question is why a neutral good or lawful good creature would be a servant of Lolth to begin with.


Anyway. I agree with Stycotl. The Unbreakable Will is somewhat cool. But the rest... It is not really enticing in the least.

2009-04-15, 06:14 PM
IMO it should just require a Lawful alignment of some sort, rather than LG/NG.

2009-04-15, 07:35 PM
The lolth example... is a fairly bad example. She was the only goddess who I could remember off the top of my head so I used her. :\

I'll just say it requires a Lawful alignment. As to making the rest enticing, what would you all suggest?

2009-04-15, 09:34 PM
I would just remove alignment restrictions period.

First of all, three miracles per day? Really? That's not fun, that's just flat out broken. Even for an epic character. It's basically 3 "I Win" buttons per day. I'd maybe make it per week?

Divine Spark is very boring. +2 and +2. You can do that with pocket change at that level.

For Divine Intercession, what I would do (this is just me and I in no way say that my idea is better than yours) is be able to use your total character level as an enhancement bonus to one save, resistance, or DR/-. Make it changeable with... I don't know, standard action? Full round that provokes AoO? But once you change it, it's there FOR GOOD. Maybe even make it (Ex) so that in antimagic zones you're still a lean, mean, surviving machine.

I'd also say Infused With Wrath is kind of broken too, but since you need to be level 30 and only get to do it once per day and get no epic feats... Nah, it can stay. (Just be aware that right now as written it even works on things immune to critical hits.) Kind of useless for any caster that goes this way, though.

Lastly, I'd possibly change the Utopia flavour text. Even assuming you keep it any-lawful, what would a lawful evil epic tyrant want with a Utopia? For good and maybe neutral aligned there could be a Utopia, or it could be an eternal empire stomping on a human face forever. Or maybe just a successful realization of the character's socio-economic views.

2009-04-15, 11:22 PM
OK, I messed with some stuff. Tell me what you think!

2009-04-17, 02:48 AM
Tyranny: Wait, you kill all other deities and become the Overgod? It might be a bit too powerful...

2009-04-17, 06:17 AM
... So now you get two complete "no I did not die actually"s per day?

Seems a tad repetitive.

Holocron Coder
2009-04-17, 08:02 PM
Just /agree what others posters have said. It's a nice idea, but somewhat lackluster and a bit repetitive.

As a side note, the table no longer matches the information below it.